Emma Skeates

Author and writer of the blog “Menopausal Mayhem Mothers”


Emma Skeates

Emma Skeates is the author of the Facebook and Instagram pages 'The Menopausal Mayhem Mothers' which has over 300k followers. She is also a founding member of the private Facebook group, 'Finding Me Again' which has accumulated over 13k followers.

Following a full hysterectomy and hurtling headlong into the surgical menopause, Emma realised that not nearly enough was being done to help women feel normal and own their menopause journey. By sharing her hilarious and often cataclysmic mishaps, Emma's following is continuously growing. In 2021 Emma released her first book 'Confessions of The Menopausal Mother', which became an instant bestseller.

When she lost her trusty but very naughty side kick, her totally untrained Labrador, she wrote her second book 'Spencer and Me' which highlights the trials and mysteries of the menopause and everyday life. Her mantra is to find a solution that works for you during your menopause and that life, laughter and sleep are the best medicine!

Impressed with the positive impacts the LYMA supplement has had on her life, Emma has written the following menopause articles:

- My early menopause story.
- 10 things you need to know to tackle menopause symptoms.
- How and why I decided to write a book and did it.

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