Lucy Goff

Founder, LYMA


Lucy Goff

In 2012, Lucy spent six weeks in hospital battling septicaemia. After months of consulting with several leading physicians, and trying to get back on her feet, a chance meeting with the world renowned pharmaconutritionist Dr Paul Clayton changed the course of her life. And subsequently changed the course of the wellness industry.

Dr Clayton prescribed Lucy a protocol using only peer-reviewed, patented ingredients, each dosed at active levels with a rigorous sourcing procedure, Lucy not only felt better but she uncovered the truth about the supplement industry. Lucy learnt that almost all the supplements sold today deliver no provable benefits yet are still perfectly legal for sale.

Lucy left her career in journalism and public relations to set out to change people's lives with the creation of The LYMA Supplement. When it launched in 2018 the supplement sold out and garnered high-profile and celebrity clientele, with the product described as “Miracle Pills” by Vogue and “a massive scientific breakthrough” by the Telegraph.

LYMA now exists to give everyone the advantage with proven products, based on proven science and breakthrough technology.

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