Simon Goff

Co-Founder, Investor & CEO


Simon Goff

In 2018 Simon joined his wife, Lucy, in her mission to change people's lives and reshape the entire wellness category.

By combining his proven track record of creating tech start-ups with Lucy's passion for health and wellness, he defined a new category, WellTechâ„¢ - the fusion of science, technology and wellness to create products that change people's lives for the better.

The WellTechâ„¢ category has been influenced by Simon's drive for leveraging technology, innovation and insight from a range of diverse industries. His approach highlights the unexplored opportunities left behind by the confines of traditional industry models. By removing the hype surrounding the cynical 'wellness' sector with proven science and real innovation ensures LYMA delivers on its promise, taking people beyond the artificial ceiling of the current wellness industry, to make them feel 100% human again.

A qualified Manufacturing Systems engineer, Simon has an M.Sc. SPRU in Technology and Innovation Management and is driven by his passion for change and a relentless ambition to change an industry for the better.

The quest
for better.

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