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How does the LYMA Priming Serum work?

Wellmune® Blend(1-3, 1-6 beta glucans), ASO (Active Stabilised Oxygen), Orchistem™, a propriety orchid extract rich in plant stem cells, minerals and hyaluronic acid. Beta glucans are immune response modifiers, complex polysaccharides derived from a yeast cell wall. Our bodies have developed an immune response to yeast by recognising parts of that molecule as being foreign material and mounting an immune response to it. Not all immune responses are bad. This is a good immune response because what exposure to Wellmune® Blend is essentially doing, is providing a transient stimulus that induces your epidermis to repair itself. Orchistem stem cell technology also enhances skin repair by stimulating the Langerhans cells at the dermo epidermal junction. Active Stabilised Oxygen delivers a highly bioavailable form of oxygen to the skin. Regular 02 is a gas which the skin is unable to absorb, and regular water holds 40mg of oxygen gas in room temperature which the skin is unable to absorb either. When oxygen is presented in a liquid form as in 04, the skin is able to fully absorb to enable the skin to benefit.

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