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How has LYMA’s formula improved?

The LYMA formulation contains a physiologically active 600mg daily dose of HydroCurc®, a specialized delivery format of curcumin. HydroCurc® achieves plasma levels where significant biological enhancement occurs. This has been shown to significantly improve quality of life in preclinical models and curcumin, the active in HydroCurc® is increasingly regarded as a senolytic and a gero-supressant.

LYMA’s updated formulation also contains an active dose of affron®, which is creating a buzz amongst academics and scientists as the first saffron extract on the market to be supported with peer-reviewed clinical evidence. Six studies to date have demonstrated positive benefits across mood and sleep quality in healthy adults. Its efficacy has also been demonstrated for use in conjunction with adults who are taking anti-depressants to decrease side effects.

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