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How will LYMA improve my hair, skin and nails?

The sum of our ingredients working in harmony are LYMA’s greatest contributor to beauty.

LYMA includes Cynatine® HNS which is the most exciting ingredient in the world of nutricosmetics. With a growing evidence base behind it, Cynatine® HNS is increasingly recognised as a genuine cosmeceutical with enormous potential in aesthetic improvement, comprised of a 96% soluble, stable and bioavailable keratin. Originally a protein found naturally in structures such as hair, skin and nails, clinical studies in women aged 40+ have demonstrated an increase in skin elasticity and moisture content resulting in improved appearance. Hair strands are structurally strengthened, hair loss is reduced and resulting hair appears thicker. Nails appear significantly stronger with full colour recovery. Cynatine® HNS is clinically proven to be effective at a dosage of 500mg a day. This is future beauty.

LycoRed Lycopene contains standardised lycopene, a powerful antioxidant thought to protect cells in many parts of the body from oxidative damage and protect against many serious health conditions. Among its many benefits are improved skin appearance, and protection against UV-damage and skin ageing. It also up-regulates Connexin-43, a vitally important health-protective mechanism. HydroCurc®’s ability to reduce inflammatory stress adds to overall skin improvement.

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