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What benefits are there for menopausal women in taking LYMA?

The effects of menopause are very diverse and include changes in energy, mood, libido and temperature control. We cannot modify all of these, but the complex of actives in LYMA will help with many of them.

There are numerous benefits for menopausal women taking LYMA. KSM66® Ashwagandha is an adaptogen which is useful in helping the body adapt to the stress it is placed under throughout the menopause. Cynatine®HNS is an outstanding form of keratin which will support hair, skin and nails which are often reported to suffer during menopause. In fact, the clinical trials relating to this ingredient have been carried out on women who are aged between 40 and 71. Your body is susceptible to free radical damage as we age. Extensive studies with curcumin have shown reduction in oxidative stress and inflammation. Once you reach the menopause the reduction of oestrogen puts bone health at risk and It’s imperative to ensure you get enough Vitamins D3 and K2 which help to deliver calcium to the bones. From a cognitive perspective, Cognizin® supports brain function and helps protect against molecular degeneration. affron® is creating a buzz amongst academics and scientists as the first saffron extract on the market to be supported with peer-reviewed clinical evidence to demonstrate positive benefits across mood and sleep quality, both issues faced during the menopause.

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