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What’s the relationship between chronic inflammatory stress and disease?

Chronic inflammatory stress drives non-communicable disease and is increasingly regarded as a central element in the ageing process, hence the term ‘inflammageing’. It is largely driven by lifestyle factors, and among these, diet is the most important. Dysnutrition is the most important cause of early death globally, and the ultra-processed foods that take up an increasing proportion of our diet not only cause chronic inflammation but also obesity, dysbiosis and immunological imbalance. Public health is in decline and we are losing life expectancy. It is not hard to see why, and it is more important than ever, now that science is underpinning the uses and importance of specific food and herbal derivates, to insist on patented, validated and clinically proven nutrients. The ingredients in LYMA have multiple proven actions and have been combined with great care to generate overlapping and synergistic benefits.

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