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Why does LYMA cost £149 GBP?

Trust, efficacy and powerful science comes at a cost. At LYMA, no expense has been spared. We want you to feel your absolute best and have taken a no expense spared ethos.

Our global team of scientists took three years to formulate LYMA. Their brief was simple, to create the world’s best supplement. We believe that health is not something to be taken to chance.

Evidence-based ingredients as formulated in LYMA, costs more than 400x than organic.

LYMA’s formula incorporates nine, patented, peer-reviewed ingredients. Each dosed to deliver outstanding results and designed to outperform their organic counterparts.

Our investment, research and the scientific innovation involved in the creation of LYMA’s ingredients comes a cost. But unless we are uncompromising in our quest to offer the best, supplements simply won’t work. LYMA is a complete game changer.

LYMA is proud of the science packed into every capsule, knowing it can change lives, deliver real results and all for the same price as a daily coffee.

The quest for better.

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