The importance of a patent

12nd February 2018

If you’re someone who doesn’t settle for second best, then you’ll probably be disgruntled to discover you might be settling for a lot lower than second when it comes to your daily supplement regime. In a world where we question almost everything, it’s nonsensical to think we don’t question our supplements.

Alarmingly, the vitamin industry is plagued with low quality, unproven ingredients trading in an unregulated environment that has no recognised industry standard.

Even price isn’t always an indicator of an ingredient’s efficacy. So, the fact remains that when it comes to your supplement regime, unless an ingredient has been clinically trialled, and peer reviewed there may be limited (if any) benefit to your body after you’ve swallowed it. You have no clue if it will survive the acid in your stomach. You’re in the dark as to how water or fat soluble it is. Outside of the ingredient levels on the label, you have no evidence whatsoever to support its effectivity.

To add insult to injury, many supplement brands using unproven, generic ingredients refer to studies that have been conducted only on the patented version. This is known as ‘borrowed science’ and the scary part is it’s legal.

So, what’s the answer? The answer is one word. Patented. Patented means proven. Patented means safe. Patented means effective.

Patented ingredients, such as those found in LYMA, are a marker of quality, purity, bioavailability and stability. A patented ingredient ensures a level of standardisation and quality. It means has undergone extensive research, clinical studies and had considerable financial investment.

This is why LYMA is so special. Its ingredients have each been clinically trialled with proven efficacy and formulated at proven levels. LYMA's revolutionary formulation is the most advanced and proven super supplement in the world.

Why don’t you take a look at the ingredient labels inside your supplement cupboard? How many patented can you see? Not many? You might want to check out LYMA.

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