How Copper Became the Christmas Gift for the Modern Man

This festive season’s must-have gifts are of the copper variety.

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There are certain style trends that enter our collective consciousness and this festive season’s must-have gifts are of the copper variety. Rose gold might have had its moment, but 2022 is set to be all about the luxurious nature of copper. Copper is in itself, an impressive metal that humans have an ancient connection with. As the third most prevalent mineral within our bodies, we are highly in-tune with it; copper supports our metabolism, aids cell growth and also ignites a positive emotional state. The antibacterial properties of copper make it great for storing food or liquids, plus it’s gorgeous to look at, making copper gifts the biggest trend for Christmas 2021.

Tamra copper water bottle

1. Best copper gift for optimum hydration:

Free People Tamra Copper Water Bottle in Elements

The highest quality copper sourced from India, this Ayurvedic water container is the straightforward stylish route to staying hydrated and upping your daily water intake. Copper’s antimicrobial quality means it actually makes your drinking water cleaner, offering a welcome health boost and additional immunity resilience.

Free People Tamra Copper Water Bottle in Elements, £48. Available from here.

Ballpoint pen copper

2. Best copper gift for the classic gentleman:

Schreibwerk Copper Ballpoint Pen

Every dapper gent requires a high-quality pen in his breast pocket and this pure burnished copper pen from elite German designhaus Schreibwerk, is the epitome of sartorial style. With the same high quality mechanics as Mont Blanc, it’s got the fluidity of use for signing all those lucrative deals.

Schreibwerk Copper Ballpoint Pen, £101. Available from here.

Copper Gifts for Male Resized 2

3. Best copper gift for overall wellness:

The LYMA Supplement

Not only are the individual capsules encased in a copper colour but the beaten copper vessel they come in, is a beauty to behold. The LYMA supplement is a world-leading nutraceutical proven by independent medical papers to improve mental and physical performance as well as reducing anxiety and aiding sleep. The patented ingredients in the LYMA formula have been engineered to contain the highest possible delivery systems and dose at the optimum, proven level. Give the gift of ultimate wellness this Christmas.

The LYMA Supplement, Starter Kits from £199. Available from here.

London scent copper candle

4. Best copper gift for the home:

Tom Dixon Scented Eclectic Copper Candle

Tom Dixon is the first and last word in British copper interior design. From pendant lighting to cocktail shakers, diffusers to dining ware, his advanced process of vacuum metallisation knows no limits. This hand spun copper candle encases his signature London scent - that of red bricks, fog, even the salty smell of the River Thames. It’s the perfect copper gift for that Londoner who loves a cosy night in which admittedly, come Christmas, is most of them.

Tom Dixon Scented London Candle, £80. Available from here.

Eto Wine decanter copper 2

5. Best copper gift for the perfect host:

Fortnum & Mason Eto Copper Wine Decanter

The failsafe gift idea for those who love to host dinner parties or indeed, Christmas lunch. This copper wine decanter is about function as well as being perfectly formed. Designed by world famous wine expert, Tom Cotton, the Eto’s unique valve system seals off the wine from the external air, retaining its freshness and full flavour. The most distinctive centrepiece on the table this Christmas, you’re sure to get the largest portion of pudding.

Fortnum & Mason Eto Wine Decanter, Copper, £130. Available from here.

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