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Want to experience our revolutionary Laser in person? Here's where to try it

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The LYMA Laser is the ideal present for anyone in your life: safe for all skin types, tones and conditions, plus beneficial for everything from your muscle tissue to blemishes. But with a purchase this luxe, it can be important to check it out before you commit. You can, of course, try it out in Harrods now, but maybe you want a bit more nous on how to bring it into your skincare regime?

Luckily, the Laser has been worked into some of London's most impressive spa treatments. This means you can both unwind while also getting a road test of the Laser's benefits from a professional. Below are the places to consider booking yourself - or a loved one - into for a LYMA Laser experience.


Bespoke facial treatments with Nichola Joss - Mandarin Oriental spa

For each client that books in with Nichola at the Mandarin Oriental spa they have the opportunity to experience the LYMA Laser within the 60-90 minute bespoke facial treatment. The laser application takes around 20-25 minutes. Nichola uses two Lasers, one on each side of the face, neck or chest to give maximum results within the bespoke facial treatment.

After the consultation is done, Nichola will highlight areas of concern that will benefit from use of the Laser. She then explains and demonstrates. This can then be incorporated into the facial so you can have full experience of the Laser. The spa also has clients come in specifically for Laser treatment within the bespoke facial, as a booster to their at home daily Laser routine. Nichola always recommends the laser at the end of the treatment, and goes through all the benefits around your needs.

Laser Spa Treatments Ricari Studios

Ricari Studios at the NoMad London

At Ricari Studios at the NoMad London, the LYMA Laser is part of three different treatments: the signature, odyssey and rejuvenate treatments.

In the signature treatment - the studio’s most popular - all parts of the process are designed to boost collagen production, revive circulation, facilitate lymphatic drainage, smooth cellulite, and flush puffy inflammation. The treatment involves infrared therapy, BallancerPro compression massage therapy, potent aromatherapy and facial sculpting massage. But perhaps the highlight is our own Laser, which helps to prime and restore your skin.

If you’re looking for something even more transcendental, then the Odyssey takes it to the next level by taking those who experience it to an intergalactic nirvana, filled with zero gravity bliss. The Rejuvenate process meanwhile is perfect for bodily recovery and physical rejuvenation. This one features dual LYMA Lasers as the curtain raiser, followed by Ballancer Pro therapy, aromatherapy, and a sculpting massage.

Learn more about the experience of the Ricari Method here.

Laser Spa Treatments Skin Matters

Skin Matters

We're huge fans of Joanne Evans here at LYMA, and now you can experience our Laser as part of her facials at Skin Matters, 'the first skin health studio' opened by Evans in Holland Park.

Skin Matters tailors each treatment to the needs of the client and will use the Laser if it feels like the best course of action. That being said, if you're going in for a treatment and want to experience the Laser, they'd be more than happy to make sure it's part of your experience.

If you want to get some more advice on skincare from Joanne Evans herself, she gave us some advice on what your facialist really needs to know about you.

Saintly Skin procedure 2

Saintly Skin, Ibiza

Frederika Van Hagen, who used to work under Joanne Evans, has recently opened her own treatment centre in Ibiza, Saintly Skin. Here she combines cosmeceutical technology with holistic techniques, which is why the LYMA Laser has found a home in her cosmetic acupuncture treatment. Following a round of acupuncture and a foot massage, she'll run our Laser over your face in a "really nice lymphatic massage". It's a nice way to relax, she says, while "also working deep into the skin."

Frederika mainly offers villa visits in Ibiza, but she also offers pop ups in London. Get in touch to find out when you can experience her brand of facial magic.

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