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Menopause Report: the psychological fallout

The menopause doesn’t just bring physical problems but a cluster of psychological symptoms too.

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Menopause minus the mood swings - is "natural" the answer to a happy menopause?

Many feel as if they’re going crazy and others have lost all joy and excitement.

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Holiday burnout and festive self care ideas.

Ultimate self-care guide to avoid the burn out this Christmas.

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Anxiety, stress, depression: the mental health benefits of ashwagandha.

Discover the full benefits of ashwagandha on your mental health.

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How adaptogens and nootropics can help with Covid anxiety.

What are adaptogens and nootropics? And how can they help?

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Get a head start on 2021: the ultimate wellness routine to repair and renew.

Revitalise, repair and renew in the new year with LYMA's ultimate health and wellbeing routine.

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Finding balance: is stress good for you?

The ultimate guide to stress management.

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How to boost your mood this winter.

How to boost mood and beat depression during the darker winter months.

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10 astonishing health benefits of saffron.

The biggest benefits of wonder-ingredient saffron for body and mind.

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Discover the health benefits of LYMA's new wonder-ingredient affron®

The world’s best supplement just got even better.

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5 ways to beat anxiety post-lockdown.

Post-lockdown anxiety is real and completely understandable.

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The best adaptogens for anxiety and stress relief.

These are the best adaptogens to help ease stress and anxiety.

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5 signs you're suffering with anxiety.

Anxiety symptoms and how to reduce them.

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3 breathing exercises for stress relief.

The best breathing techniques for stress management and relief.

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10 incredible health benefits of KSM-66 Ashwagandha®.

Discover the amazing benefits of ashwaghanda for health and wellbeing.

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The top 5 treatments to reduce chronic inflammation.

The best way to treat anxiety, stress and inflammation.

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5 signs stress is affecting your health.

The most common symptoms of stress.

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The world’s best wellness retreats 2021.

LYMA’s pick of this year’s top health and wellness retreats to help you rediscover your balance.

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The best nootropics for anxiety and stress relief.

Find out how nootropics supplements can help lower stress and anxiety.

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The best stress reliever supplements to lower cortisol levels.

The best supplements to take to lower cortisol levels and reduce stress.

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What to eat to destress and beat anxiety.

Find out the perfect diet to help alleviate stress and anxiety.

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