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Accredited Nutritionist explains what makes the LYMA supplement stand out in the supplement industry

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Becoming the best version of yourself is at the core of LYMA and the LYMA supplement was created to do just that. The LYMA journey includes sleeping better, easing anxiety, lifting moods, cultivating a clearer mind, boosting internal health and improving your visible appearance; it’s about treating every aspect of you. This holistic approach to health is exactly how top Functional Medicine Nutritionist, Dana James treats her patients. Dana has a Master of Science in Medical Nutrition from Columbia University and received her training in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy from the Beck Institute. Her initial internship was at the Brain Bio Centre in London, an outpatient facility for people with mental health disorders and this is where she first witnessed the power of food in changing the brain and mind. Dana is an accredited nutritionist for media outlines like The New York Times, Forbes, Goop, ELLE, Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar.

Dana’s daily work with real individuals improving their mental, emotional and physical health, helping them become stronger and happier, makes her an expert in her field and why LYMA are excited to announce her as our newest partner.

Here we speak to Dana James about the big issues we’re all facing right now and how LYMA can be part of the solution.

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1. What exactly is Functional Medicine Nutrition?

Functional medicine addresses the root of the symptoms of health issues. For instance, if somebody can't sleep it's not just prescribing a pill, it's identifying why they can't sleep. If someone has weight issues, we find what’s behind them, be that biochemical, emotional or habitual. If it’s stress and anxiety, we understand why. Is it a belief, a somatic response or a biochemical issue, like imbalanced blood sugar levels? It could be all three…

2. What issues do people come to you with now? What are we all struggling with?

I specialise in women who find it difficult to lose weight and sustain it. I’ve worked with over five thousand women but rarely is it just about food and exercise. Weight loss can be incredibly complicated and layered. Low-energy, lack of sleep, digestive issues, mood issues, hormone imbalances, inflammation and stress can all act as barriers to losing weight, despite following a diet that is for weight loss. I treat clients across New York and Los Angeles and my demographic tends to be very educated on wellness. They’re often on a great diet and their exercise is right but there’s a piece missing, some sort of block for them that needs to be resolved. This could be physical, emotional or habitual or all of them.

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3. What made LYMA stand out to you and spark your interest?

There’s such a great synergy in the LYMA supplement ingredients. I often see products where it's the greatest hits of ingredients; they’re just all thrown in at nominal amounts to look good but there’s no congruency. With LYMA, there's nothing that's superfluous, it's a synergistic product that works on many biochemical levels. It helps with sleep, anxiety, mood, skin and bones. It's certainly a match for the women I consult with.

4. What do you need to watch out for with supplements?

I spent 12 months of my Functional Medicine training learning about supplements; their synergies, their contraindications and how to choose the right dose. When there’s an insufficient dose, the supplement is ineffective. With LYMA, the dose is exactly at the level in the scientific studies showing efficacious results. What’s more, and so crucially, LYMA uses the formulation in the studies. For example, the KSM-66® Ashwagandha in LYMA is dosed at 600mg which is what’s been used in the medical literature. With that form and dosage, ashwagandha repetitively showed that there was an improvement in sleep by 72%, an improvement in anxiety by 72% and a reduction in cortisol of around 30%. This was over an 8-week period. I like that LYMA is using the right type of the ingredient and at the right dosage.

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5. How do you know if a supplement is working?

The thing about supplements is you should be able to feel them working. After all, that's why you're taking them. Admittedly, there are certain nutrients working on a cellular level that you won't necessarily feel on a day-to-day basis but you should feel the overall benefits. When I take LYMA, the first thing I feel is the Ashwagandha because it gives me that deeper level of sleep. I wake up well and I can feel it the next day. That's what we're looking for particularly from a sleeping and mood perspective, when you take a supplement it should have a palpable effect.

6. How does LYMA help going through perimenopause?

This is where LYMA really comes into its own as a product for perimenopausal women. The KSM-66® Ashwagandha and affron® in LYMA both make the body sensitive to progesterone which is hugely important to having a seamless transition into menopause. The other great thing about Ashwagandha in particular, is that it doesn't matter whether your cortisol is high or low, it helps to normalise the rhythm of your cortisol levels by enabling the brain to listen more effectively to the adrenal secretions. Working with Ashwagandha and other botanicals can help restore hormonal function without adding in additional hormones.

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7. What advice do you wish you could tell everyone about their health?

Nutrition is timeless. Our body is, in principle, the same as it was thousands of years ago. There’s so much misinformation out there about how we should eat and people excluding too much from their diet because they perceive it to be negative. Many of us are looking for a new fad or the next quick fix but if you solve your health issues properly, and from a whole systems approach, you can spend more time on the more important things happening in life, whatever you deem that to be.

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