The Insider’s Guide to a Perfect Harrods Shopping Spree

LYMA is now in Harrods, so we found out the best things to splurge on when you come to visit

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Harrods has been the home of luxury since it started in 1849. They've been breaking new ground in what the latest in opulence and high quality looked like ever since.

So it makes sense, then, that this bastion of luxury is about to house The LYMA Laser. The world’s most iconic department store is the only place in Europe where you can see - and try - the LYMA Laser in person. This is - although we say this ourselves - pretty exciting.

To celebrate the most ambitious crossover of the year, we wanted to make sure those who come down to check out our outpost have some extra guidance. After all, as expertly curated as Harrods is, it’s vast: if you’re looking to pick something up, it can be daunting to parse their excellent wares.

Well, fear not: we spoke to three Harrods luminaries to see what they, given the chance, would be picking up alongside a LYMA Laser. The Wellness Clinic’s own Dr Marwa Ali; Katie Service, the Editor of Harrods Magazine; and fashion writer Richard Gray.

Richard Gray

Richard is a fashion journalist who writes for The Sunday Times, 10 Magazine and Harrods. "Yes, yes, I know you are about to embark on the LYMA Laser (it’s pretty much the best thing you’ll do all year by the way), but let me remind you, that you are, in fact, stood in Harrods. That’s Harrods: the great - strike that - the incredible 5-acre home of global luxury; you lucky devil. So what should you browse? Or, ideally, buy?"

Journal Assets 1 2 3

Nautilus 5726/1A by Patek Philippe

"Fellow watch fanatics should make their way to the vitrines on the ground floor, chockablock with the world’s best timepieces. The coolest thing to buy? It has to be the new blue dial self-winding Nautilus 5726/1A by Patek Philippe.

This neat and impeccable watch has been the choice of the fashion set for the past five years, but this newer version - can you make out the shading on the dial? - has got front-row types frothing. Wear this with your 15-ply Jil Sander navy cashmere jumper for instant cool approval."


Beolab 18 wireless sound towers by Bang and Olufsen

"Hark! The impeccable sound of the Bang and Olufsen speaker systems, found in the newly revamped 5th Floor Technology Hub. Here’s where you’ll find me pawing - some would suggest inappropriately - at these two oak Beolab 18 wireless sound towers. Sound tower! Even reading that makes you want them.

But the sound of these things. When you’re there, ask for a demonstration: they’re loud. But it’s the clarity that has made this pair my go-to speakers. Plus, of course, they look good. There are a few finishes available but it’s the handmade oak, seen here, that has a real touch of class."


Scarf by Begg and Co.

"It’s scarf weather, friends, so let’s invest in something that’s going to keep you warm. But, also, something that's going to last.

My top tip would be to buy from Begg and Co. These Scottish cashmere weavers have been dressing the very best for years - but discreetly. There’s nothing flashy, trendy, or god-forbid 'latest look' about what they do. Put simply, this is about authentic and unrivalled, quality scarves and knitwear for the quietly monied set.

By the way: it’s Begg and Co. who also weave all those beautiful Hermès blankets you see placed 'just so' on the chicest sofas. What’s not to love?"


Katie Service, Editor of Harrods Magazine

Journal Assets 4 55 5

UKA Kenzan Scalp Brush

Katie is a beauty influencer and editor who now edits Harrods magazine. "Welcome to Harrods LYMA! You are in very good company. If you want to shop, these are the products topping my list: my favourite looks like a gimmick, but definitely isn’t a gimmick. It’s a circulation stimulating and scalp exfoliating massage tool and the idea is you use it with a pre-shampoo scalp treatment and then again with your shampoo. I really notice the difference when I use it as I find my hair wash lasts longer."


Harrods Signature Blend Coffee

"No other coffee tastes as good as this – apart from maybe the Knightsbridge blend. It has unfortunately turned me into a massive coffee snob. I brew it up in my French press at home, but I also love the experience of buying it in store. Talking to coffee experts is always so fascinating: how they match you with a particular bean is so clever, and I love trying anything new that they recommend."


Journal Assets 67

Acqua di Parma x Emilio Pucci advent calendar

"There are so many advent calendars on the market these days but in my opinion the Acqua di Parma one is always the best, and looks the most beautiful in your home. This Christmas Emilio Pucci has given it a mini makeover and I can’t wait to see what’s inside it (please, please let there be candles)."


Maison Francis Kurkdjian Bacarrat Rouge 540

"My signature scent (yes it’s cool to have one of those again) and also one that simply flies off the shelves of Harrods. A lustrous gourmand in a beautiful red bottle, I get asked time and time again what I am wearing. Jasmin, Moroccan bitter almonds and ambergris."


Dr Marwa Ali, Advanced Aesthetic Doctor at the Wellness Clinic

"I love fashion, and most of all I love the superbrands. When I shop in Harrods, these are where I go first."

Journal Assets 8 9 10

Lace Monogram Sweater, Givenchy. (£670)

Mini Flap Bag, Chanel. (£2,660)

Long-sleeved Ottoman Knit Dress, Alaïa. (£2,980)

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