How Hollywood Achieves Oscar Worthy Red Carpet Skin

The best red carpet looks all start with great skin.

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The best red carpet looks all start with great skin. Which is why ‘those in the glow’ enlist world-class experts come Oscars weekend to help them achieve flawless, lit-from-within looking skin.

Celebrating the toast of the American Film industry, it is undoubtedly one of the biggest events in the Hollywood awards calendar. But movies aside, most of us are wholly focused on the stars’ red carpet style and beauty. And while the results may look effortless, make no mistake - months of preparation have gone on prior. After all, what better moment to aim for aesthetic perfection than when the HD cameras are rolling, flashbulbs are popping and the world’s eyes are on you?

So what does Oscars prep entail exactly? Tracy Anderson to build the bodies ab by ab, Jen Atkins to style up the perfect nonchalant, dream hair and a string of nightly Ballancer®Pro suit sessions to eradicate any evidence of bodily bloat. And last but not least, the most celestial of red carpet face treatments.

Hollywood skin care, the insider’s way

Cue Joanna Czech, the doyenne of beautiful skin. Normally based between Dallas and New York where she has her two studios, Czech takes up residence in LA for Oscar season and this year, her clients will be visiting her at L'Ermitage Beverly Hills where the suite has been transformed into an exclusive oasis of calm - a whole world away from the press frenzy they’ll be striding into on Sunday, designer pump first.

The busiest facialist during awards season, the days leading up to Sunday’s Oscars red carpet event will see Joanna working her deft skin magic on the likes of Jennifer Aniston, Kim Kardashian, Amber Valletta, Hailey Bieber, Lily James and Cara Delevigne. Top of their wishlist? “Everyone wants beautifully even, hydrated skin and a sculpted face as a great base for their makeup,” says Joanna Czech.

LYMA Red Laser Joanna Czech Hollywood Red Carpet skin

Red carpet-ready skin wasn’t built in a day.

However blessed your genes, good skin isn’t guaranteed to walk through the door. “Ahead of award season, I usually see overtreated and irritated skin in the forms of redness, dehydration and hyperpigmentation,” explains Czech. It’s her job to change skin’s state and re-introduce equilibrium, which is why Oscars skin prep should start well ahead of time. “Months ahead of the red carpet, I have my clients doing more active treatments such as peels and extractions. Then 1-2 weeks before, we focus on healing, hydrating, firming and sculpting treatments.” And there’s no last-minute let up either. The night before the Oscars, Czech demands that all her Hollywood stars, “Avoid salty food, stay hydrated, sleep well and of course, use the LYMA Laser.”

Despite having all sorts of hi-tech skin tools and technologies available to her, Joanna Czech remains a huge advocate of the LYMA Laser. “The LYMA Laser is the most effective skin tool that I know of that’s suitable for at-home use. In my 37 years of experience, I have never seen anything so powerful, or able to deliver such amazing results. With it, you can bring salon skin treatments into your home,” or indeed, a hotel suite off Hollywood Boulevard, she jokes.

Everyone can take a leaf out of Oscars beauty prep

Awards ceremony or not, the sacred beauty rule in the lead up to any big event remains: don't go too big, too close to the day. Be it a charity fundraiser, networking dinner, destination wedding or Bar Mitzvah, the week leading up to an important event is not the moment to play it fast and loose with new beauty techniques. Like the A-listers under Joanna Czech’s watchful eye, you are not to experiment with eyebrow laminating, have a go at making your own face peels or sneak in that last season of laser resurfacing days before D day. Any significant beauty prep needs to be slow, steady and done months in advance, tapering off completely a fortnight before the big day. However, this is where the LYMA Laser breaks all the beauty rules.

A standalone technology, unlike all other medical grade lasers, the Laser doesn’t harm or disrupt skin in any way, so there’s no need to wind its use down. It can be used right up to the day of an event to sculpt, brighten, plump and even prep the skin and create an immaculate canvas before applying make-up.

LYMA Laser Hailey Bieber Red Carpet Skin


This particular plus is why Joanna Czech has designed an exclusive treatment using the LYMA Laser (or even better, two at once), to ensure red carpet Oscar-worthy skin for the biggest names in Hollywood this Sunday. Her customized LYMA treatment begins with a sculpting and lifting manual massage, followed by exfoliation and a combination of targeted serums tailored to her client’s skin's needs on that day. This is followed with the LYMA Laser to improve skin elasticity, reduce pigmentation, brighten and push skincare products deeper into the skin. Each facial then offers additional skin therapies including ultrasound, oxygen infusion and intensive face masks before finishing with a powerful blast of rejuvenating LED therapy with negative ions.

So whether they end up wielding a small golden statue by the end of the ceremony or not, Joanna Czech’s clients are guaranteed winners as they walk the red carpet, skin radiant and confidence high. When asked how she nails it every time, Czech says it’s not that complicated. “For some it's remaining in shape, for others it's the clothes they’ll wear. I personally offer a sculpted face, glowing skin and a good sense of humour!” The film reviews may not all be glowing but the complexions sure as hell will be.



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