How a Chronic Insomniac Got to Have the First Good Night’s Sleep in Years

Karen could barely get four hours of broken sleep a night. This is how she turned it around.

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My name is Karen and as a pretty chronic insomniac - well, a really bad sleeper anyway - I was thrilled to be offered the opportunity of a solution that might just help.

I spent many, many years walking around like a zombie during the day feeling like my brain was running out of my ears. I suppose I was surviving, just about, on four hours of broken sleep every night. My husband learned over the years to not come near me in the mornings until I was caffeine fuelled and potentially approachable. I have spent many years being very sensitive, easily upset and generally feeling fragile. I put all this down to sleep deprivation. After the caffeine buzz had worn off, the energy levels would flag again and every normal day to day task would stare at me like a massive mountain to climb. I had absolutely no motivation and for someone with a busy lifestyle with a lot of people depending on her, this was so often totally overwhelming.

The day that my LYMA package landed on my doorstep, I was thrilled. Could this be a new beginning? In all honesty, I had been in such a bad place for so long due to lack of sleep that I immediately thought: “don’t get your hopes up”. But I would try anything

Month 1

Almost immediately, I noticed that although I was still initially waking up a few times in the night, I found that getting back to sleep again was easy. What a joy!

At this particular time I was experiencing some pretty traumatic personal issues. Normally this kind of emotional turmoil would have sent me into a flat spin with no sleep at all, but sure enough I did manage to get a few more hours than usual and once again, despite waking fairly frequently I managed to get back to sleep really quickly. What this meant to me was that I was able to cope so much better with everything on top of my job and my daily tasks.


Month 2

The drama is somewhat ongoing but, due to sleeping so much better, I felt so much more confident in making assertive and self-preserving decisions which would have eluded me if I was sleep deprived.

My husband commented that I seemed to be on a much more even keel, much more level and - a word I thought was lost to my distant past - happy. That was so nice for me to hear. Living on little or sometimes no sleep is utterly debilitating and had so many knock on effects on my day to day life that I hadn’t even noticed how sad and anxious I had become. It was remarkable to me how different I felt just getting that extra sleep. It was like rediscovering the old me again.


Month 3

My sleep pattern is practically like a normal person's: I can frequently get 7 or 8 hours straight every night, which is something I never thought would happen. My anxiety has all but gone, and I put this down to my newfound sleep and LYMA. I feel so much more confident and guess what? I am happy. I hadn’t realised how down and low I had been for so long. I put it all down to the menopause, the drudgery of life, and just being permanently exhausted - and maybe I was right - but the world feels like a much more friendly place, and I am actually enjoying myself. I've also thoroughly loved re-discovering my sense of humour, which is now as sharp as it ever was, and we have a new puppy.

My hot flushes are greatly improved and my Stress Dermatitis, which I've suffered from for a long time, has got so much better. My nails, which used to be weak and break easily, are now strong and are something for me to be proud of.

What would I say to real women like me, who are suffering in silence, about trying LYMA? Just try it. Give it a go for three months: it is worth every penny because you are. The truth is, my life was a half-life, a struggle with daily mountains to climb. Now that I am sleeping as I need to, all my negative thoughts from anxiety, low mood, anger and a general feeling of being totally overwhelmed have gone. I feel like the old me again.

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