Introducing LYMA's New Edition: The US LYMA Laser with Red Power Indicators

And now LYMA is offering something new in the US: say hello to our Red Laser.

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For three years now, The LYMA Laser has become iconic for any number of its features. Its cold laser light, which turns back time by reviving the battery cells in every layer of your skin; our sleek design that allows you to take clinic-grade technology wherever you go; but perhaps most symbolically, we've become known for our soothing blue light.

But all symbols need to consider expanding their portfolio. Whether it's Madonna's many eras or Hermes coming out with a new bag, everyone wants to give you something new.

And now LYMA is offering something new in the US: say hello to our LYMA Laser with red power indicators.

Is The Red Laser Different?

Aesthetically, yes. Medically? Not particularly. The blue LED power indicator lights used in the original LYMA Laser have an anti-bacterial capability that can help eliminate bacteria. The red LED lights are power indicator lights specifically used in the US.

The Laser, meanwhile, is absolutely no different. The breakthrough technology that set LYMA's at-home cosmetic device apart was always the central diffused laser beam, which is no different wherever you receive it. It is still 100 times more powerful than LED, and still diffuses its light over a wide radius to stimulate transformation in as much of the dermis as possible. No matter what light the Laser LEDs glow, it is still safe to use on all skin tones, types and conditions thanks to its two ultra-diffusing lenses rendering the laser cold. It's so safe that you can even use it around your eyes with no goggles.

So Why The Difference?

We wanted the LYMA Laser to be cleared and checked by every possible entity, because LYMA believes in proven, results-driven, science-centred technology. That's why we wanted to make sure the LYMA Laser was FDA cleared, so that our American audience felt that there was no possible way the LYMA Laser, Blue in the UK or red in the US, would be anything other than lifechanging.

As part of that process, we were asked to make the LYMA's four LED power indicator lights red rather than blue. It takes away nothing from the LYMA's power, and so we agreed. Now you can buy your LYMA Laser in the knowledge that it will be completely kosher, certified by the highest possible bodies, so you can rest easy knowing you're using the best technology on the market.


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