How A-List Aesthetician Joanna Czech Uses the LYMA Laser

No one knows faces like Joanna Czech. That's why she reviews LYMA's game-changing Laser.

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There is only one answer to the question ‘Who’s the best facialist in the game right now?’ And that is, Joanna Czech. Czech is the most sought-after beautifier of almost every iconic face in the world. Kim Kardashian, Chrissy Teigen, Cate Blanchett and Anna Wintour are all clients.

Hailing from Poland, Joanna Czech initially made her name in New York at the Reebok Sports Club in 1995. In 2002, she opened her own spa, Seva, before moving to the Core club, and then to Dallas. Now the most fought-over reservation in Texas, she has since returned to the Webster in New York’s Soho, where she continues to be courted by a global elite determined to look their best.

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Joanna Czech knows good skin, straying away from trendy skincare treatments or muscle relaxant injectables, and instead filling her high-end appointments with innovative technology. During Czech’s beloved facials you may encounter diamond-tip exfoliators, deep-tissue massages, ultrasound, cryotherapy and more besides. Czech's approach is to work on the condition of the skin, rather than the type of skin a client has.

When she heard about The LYMA Laser, Czech jumped on the technology. “The LYMA Laser is a no brainer for many reasons, but among them is the fact that it’s very practical, and I can have it with me wherever I go. The fact that you can have this level of therapy at home? That’s unusual, incredible, unheard of."

“The results of using LYMA are amazing,” she adds. “I’ve personally never experienced using any home device that would bring this level of result.” We asked Joanna to share how she uses The LYMA Laser on herself and her clients.

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Joanna Czech's Guide to the LYMA Laser

This is how I use the LYMA Laser.

  • Always start with the Active Mist. I use about six sprays.
  • Follow this with two pumps of priming gel. Apply with a nice press and release motion.
  • Then I apply either a balm or some oil for an easier glide.
  • Then turn the laser on. I use very slow movements for about 10 minutes on one side of my face. 10 minutes on the other, and another 10 minutes on my neck.
  • If I treat a particular area - for instance my crow's feet - make sure you are holding it directly at the area that you are addressing. I'd hold it for about five minutes.
  • You need to do it every single day for about three months. This we call the cumulative results of a treatment.



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