LYMA Named as One of Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies in 2021

LYMA CEO Simon Goff reflects on the journey so far.

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This week LYMA is honoured to be included in Fast Company’s prestigious annual list of the World’s Most Innovative Companies for 2021. Simon Goff, LYMA CEO, reflects on the journey so far.

Wellness is a difficult to describe category. It’s most often poorly defined as either a solution for our physical or mental wellbeing. More recently ‘wellness’ has become a catchall that seems gloss over both sectors and has expanded to such things as retreats, spas, cosmetic clinics and hotels. There is no doubt that the sector is huge and growing fast, with all sorts of value-based estimates in the hundreds of billions of dollars. However, from my perspective the sector is poorly defined, I believe that wellness is more a state of mind, supported by good health. But in a 24/7 click-based culture, our health is relatively easy to quantify (and value) yet our state of mind is a much more fluid and difficult to gauge.

I like to think of wellness as ‘how well I feel now’, because if I feel great now, I feel I can do anything now. That’s a hugely empowering force. The ‘now’ part is even more relevant to our insatiable appetite for instant gratification yet has been largely overlooked. It’s a concept that has intrigued me for many years and is one of the many reasons why LYMA was formed.

LYMA uniquely stands apart from the rest of the wellness sector. It was not created from within it and was not an evolution of an existing model. In fact, LYMA is the summation of a number of different retail, FMCG, telecoms and technology models I’ve worked on over my career. It’s like everything I’ve been doing for the last 25 years has been a dry run for LYMA and has now come together in perfect harmony to solve one very important issue; how to feel our best.

LYMA included in list of most innovative companies 2021

When we started LYMA we asked ourselves one important question; when was the last time we felt our best? It’s a surprisingly difficult question to answer. There’s often a lengthy pause while we really think about it. It’s never a flippant response and always seems to connect with people at a level not often reached in our day-to-day lives. This anxious ‘moment’ of self-awareness is what forms the cornerstone of LYMA and it is my passion to find ways to solve that inner anxiety.

LYMA’s approach to wellness is all encompassing, every aspect of LYMA has been tuned to the needs of our customers. Our difference is that we started with the end result and built the business backwards. We had no budget in mind, we just needed to solve the problem; how to feel our best.

As a firm advocate for true innovation, I had to foster a culture that would allow us to create some magic and find the solution to the problem. I removed the barriers of existing commerce away from product development to create a virtual ‘clearing in the corporate woods’. This open space left us free to innovate, ask ridiculous questions and push our boundaries. We took our time and over the 24 months prior to our launch we accumulated the lessons learned from different industries and combined them in our way to create our company and in doing so created our magic. In the subsequent three years, we have already brought two category defining products to market; the LYMA supplement and the LYMA Laser. We have changed the definition of the meaning of wellness and established LYMA as the leader in science backed wellness innovation.

LYMA wins beauty award

Our future roadmap is full of astonishing ideas, concepts and technologies which are constantly being updated by feedback from our global team of experts and amazing customers. LYMA dares to be different and unshackled from product verticals will once again, raise the bar and re-establish another new gold-standard very soon.

As a team, we all share the same drive and passion for change. So, to be recognised by Fast Company as one of the world’s most innovative companies means so much to everyone at LYMA. We’ve come a long way but have so much further to go.

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