LYMA X Joanna Czech Launch the Ultimate Oscars Facial

When Hollywood’s favourite facialist is armed with the world’s leading light technology.

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The most exclusive invite to this year’s Oscars is to pre-party skin and it comes courtesy of Hollywood’s favourite facialist armed with the world’s leading light technology.

When it comes to A-list red carpet skin, Joanna Czech is unequivocally the hottest ticket in La La Land and it’s obvious which of Hollywood’s A-list have managed to bag an appointment with her from the glow across their face. If you’re Cate Blanchett, Uma Thurman or Amber Valletta, you got a stiletto in the door months ago.

This Sunday marks the 95th Academy Awards and as such, calls for something slightly more extra than previous years. Forget the after parties, Oscars 2023 is all about the pre-party and Joanna Czech is partnering with LYMA to host a handpicked number of Oscars attendees for a luxurious pre-show facial treatment. Throughout the weekend, Hollywood’s A-List will be sneaking into a private suite in LA’s exclusive L’Ermitage Beverly Hills for the ultimate skin boosting experience in the form of individually customised facials using the LYMA Laser.

The worst kept secret in Hollywood

The A-list are notoriously secretive about their beauty regimes and the real products they use to look that good. However, the LYMA Laser is the beauty tool Hollywood’s become fond of shouting about because unlike all other medical grade laser technologies, the LYMA Laser doesn’t harm or disrupt skin in any way and there’s zero downtime. That means skin rejuvenation can happen from private jet to on set, in the backseat of a limo, even Hamptons poolside, wherever. It’s fast become the daily skin fix and Gwyneth Paltrow, Kate Hudson, Kim Kardashian and Hailey Bieber have all taken to their socials to demonstrate how they use theirs.

Kim Kardashian uses the LYMA Laser

The light fantastic: innovative technology at its finest

What’s captured the attention of the A-list is the Laser’s ground-breaking technology that harnesses the full force of a skin rejuvenation laser beam but minus any of the thermal damage. In fact, it’s entirely cold to the touch. The Laser works through a scientific process called photobiomodulation whereby the coherent laser beam transmits down into the lower levels of skin waking up dormant cells to get them working as new again. The result is plumper, brighter skin, redefined contours and a smooth surface to create the perfect canvas for make-up.

“On the red carpet, you want to feel and look your best, and so much of that is how you feel in your own skin – skin preparation is everything. The LYMA Laser is the perfect tool for red carpet events and my go-to device for my most celebrated clients. The Laser has the power to give an instant glow, reduce redness and deliver firmer, tighter skin. For both special events and for long term skin transformations, the LYMA Laser is an absolute must for myself, and my clients.”

Joanna Czech, A-List Aesthetician

As an innovation lover and advocate of the LYMA Laser, Joanna Czech is teaming up with the LYMA Laser to design a bespoke red carpet facial treatment that will have skin shining brighter than the paparazzi wall.

Cara Delevigne uses the LYMA Laser

LYMA X JOANNA CZECH: The Oscars Red Carpet Facial

The customised LYMA treatment begins with a sculpting and lifting manual massage, followed by exfoliation and a combination of targeted serums chosen for their skin's needs on that day. Afterwards, the LYMA Laser is used to improve skin elasticity, reduce pigmentation, brighten and push skincare products more deeply into the skin. Each facial will then offer additional skin therapies including ultrasound, oxygen infusion and intensive face masks. Every facial finishes with powerful rejuvenating LED therapy with negative ions.

Treatments will be taking place from 9th March to March 13th, with notable guests including Emma Roberts, Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Aniston and Maria Sharapova

Joanna Czech’s guide to Oscar worthy skin at home

Fear not, even if you didn’t quite make the Oscars guest list this year, Joanna Czech gives us her guide to getting the most from the LYMA Laser at home.

  • Always start with the LYMA Oxygen Mist. I use about six sprays.

  • Follow with two pumps of LYMA Oxygen Glide. Apply with a nice press and release motion.

  • Turn the laser on. I use very slow movements - 10 minutes on one side of my face, 10 minutes on the other and a final 10 minutes on my neck.

  • To treat a particular area, for instance crow's feet, make sure you’re holding the Laser directly at the area that you are addressing and hold it right there for about 5 minutes.

Be consistent. Do it every single day for about three months. This is what professionals call the cumulative results of a treatment.



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