The Natural Supplements For Perimenopause That Can Make All The Difference

Suspect you might be perimenopausal? These supplements could make all the difference.

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Perimenopause is a process of transition and equipping yourself with the right natural supplements for perimenopause can make all the difference. Here’s the lowdown on the most powerful ingredients to manage the many symptoms and keep things steady.

Perimenopause symptoms are so far reaching and varied that the best supplements for perimenopause are those medically proven to treat your specific symptoms, not just those labelled as generic perimenopause vitamins. Medically proven, evidence-based supplementation improves the body’s hormonal balance, aids sleep, enhances your mental state and nurtures your overall health.

What’s the latest on ​​natural supplements for perimenopause and what can they do for us?

Nature often seems to have the answer and new medical trials are being conducted all the time on powerful herbs that present effective solutions to perimenopausal symptoms. We explore the most effective natural remedies for perimenopause for the symptoms you might be experiencing.

The best perimenopause supplement for 2022

Experts commonly refer to the 34 symptoms of perimenopause which might seem like too many to keep track of, let alone treat. Therefore, the best treatment for perimenopause is arguably one that treats all of them at once. The LYMA Supplement does just that; one gold standard health supplement medically supported to remedy the body and mind. Though not limited to being a natural supplement for perimenopause alone, every one of the ten power plant-based ingredients combats a symptom of perimenopause.

  1. KSM-66® Ashwagandha is hormone balancing and unrivalled for restorative sleep

  2. Affron® soothes the mind (anxiety, mood swings)

  3. HydroCurc® supports testosterone production in women for enhanced libido

  4. Levagen®+ relieves the pain of menstrual cramps

  5. Cognizin® is a smart nootropic for maintaining brain health (hormonal brain fog, memory)

  6. K2VITAL® DELTA supports reduced body weight and abdominal fat

  7. Vita-Algae D3™ lessens the occurrence and extremity of night sweats

  8. Cynatine® HNS is a solubilised keratin for treating dry skin and strengthening brittle nails

  9. Lycored Lycopene™ is a powerful antioxidant that calms inflammation and reduces hot flushes

  10. Wellmune® is a beta glucan prebiotic that improves oestrogen metabolism and optimises immunity health often compromised during perimenopause

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Best hormone balancing supplements

As your oestrogen levels deplete and the body’s intricate hormonal balance falls out of kilter, it’s smart to take a supplement that balances hormones. KSM-66® Ashwagandha, as formulated at 600mg in LYMA is the world’s number one adaptogen shown to balance hormones and is backed by the most extensive research studies and clinical trials.

Best supplement for mood swings

Published academic studies show saffron extract increases dopamine in the brain to help improve mood, although only when delivered at the proven dose. Affron® in the LYMA Supplement is the first patented saffron extract to be backed by peer-reviewed studies and proven to be a reliable, predictable natural remedy for mood swings.

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Best natural remedy for perimenopause weight gain

Focus on increasing your body’s intake of leptin. Leptin is not a vitamin or mineral so cannot be taken as a supplement but you can increase your supply of leptin through eating dark berries, legumes, healthy oils and lean meats which will help you to lose weight during perimenopause. Independent studies also show high quality Vitamin K such as K2VITAL® DELTA in LYMA, supports reduced body weight and abdominal fat.

Best supplement for night sweats

Hormonal hot flushes and night sweats are frustrating, uncomfortable and disturb sleep. Some may think black cohosh to be effective in reducing night sweats, though further research is required. Night sweats are one of the most common signs of a vitamin D deficiency, so taking a proven source like the algae-based, Vita-Algae D3™ in LYMA restocks your body's vitamin D levels and effectively treats night sweats whilst tomato-derived antioxidant Lycored Lycopene™ reduces hot flushes.

Best supplement for extreme period pain

Perimenopausal period pain can be unpredictable and intense as menstruation gradually slows to a halt when you finally reach menopause. Some unproven supplements for menstrual cramps have received a lot of airtime recently, though admittedly the research is still somewhat scant. Levagen®+ is an adapted version of PEA (palmitoylethanolamide), a fatty acid which occurs naturally in the body and which quantity in the body depletes as we age. It can be found in foods such as egg yolk and peanuts but even the healthiest diet would not provide our bodies with the actual quantities we need to feel at rest and pain free. As a defence protein Levagen® also brings down inflammation throughout the body thereby helping with many symptoms induced by lower or unbalanced hormonal levels.


Quickfire questions you might still have about perimenopause

How do I kick start my metabolism during perimenopause?

Exercise is the best way to increase metabolism and manage body weight during perimenopause.

What's the best food that balances hormones in females?

Proteins like fatty fish, leafy greens, almonds and avocados are predominantly the best food for perimenopause. Also include a small portion of fat in every meal sourced from nuts, seeds, oils, butter and grass-fed meats.

What supplements can help with menopause?

There are many natural remedies for a happy menopause. Check out our comprehensive guide to the best vitamins and supplements for menopause.

Can I take menopause supplements for perimenopause?

Yes. It’s all part of the same biological process, so many of the symptoms for perimenopause and menopause are the same.

Should I take vitamins for perimenopause?

It’s advisable to take natural supplements during perimenopause so that the body receives the vital nutrients it needs to support it through the transition to menopause.

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