The ultimate autumn and winter skincare guide 2020.

September: Summer is officially over and autumn is drawing in fast, soon to be followed by winter. Autumn and winter are notoriously bad for skin. Dry skin, flaky skin, dehydration and dullness. We’ve all been there. Like the rest of the year, you should try to stick to skin care routine both morning and evening during the cooler seasons. So how can you best care for your skin as the seasons and weather change?

Whilst autumn tends to shock your skin as the seasonal shift from summer to autumn is stark, winter is colder, drier and usually more windy than autumn. Looking after your skin during autumn and winter has never been easier, with a whole host of great products and supplements on the market. Most of the remedies available focus on hydration and keeping your skin looking plumped up, luminous and healthy throughout the colder months.

If you want to kick chapped winter skin - and that dreaded cold weather complexion - to the curb, and enjoy glowing skin all winter long, we have you covered. These are our top tips - along with some of our favourite products and supplements - for keeping your skin looking radiant as the sun bids us goodbye and the chill begins to creep in.

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Autumn and winter

During both autumn and winter it is fundamental that you supplement smartly and ensure that you’re giving your skin all the nutrients it needs from the inside-out. LYMA contains anti-inflammatory carotenoid Lycored Lycopene™ - which creates a protective barrier between the skin and the colder, drier weather thereby improving skin texture and appearance - and the world’s first solubilised, active keratin, Cynatine® HNS which delivers a highly bioavailable, stable and clinically proven form of natural keratin peptides, directly to the skin to protect, repair and strengthen it against the elements.

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Autumn Specific Skin Care Tips

1. Keep consistent with your existing skin care routine

Don’t let those lockdown habits slip! Whilst we may have a little less time on our hands post-lockdown, that’s no reason to lose momentum. Make time every day to go through a proper routine both morning and night. That means double cleansing, toning, using any oils or serums that you know support your skin, nd layering that moisturiser of thick. Consistency is key to gorgeous glowing skin.

2. Hydration is key

Your skin will simply not be able to get enough hydration as the colder months set in - trust us. You want to be drinking at least eight glasses of warm or room temperature water each day (room temperature water hydrates the body much faster than cold water). Herbal tea is great too. On top of that you should using a good moisturiser, a hydrating serum (anything containing hyaluronic acid gets our vote), and applying a hydrating mask once or twice a week to really give your skin the boost it needs.

3. Support your skin’s natural regeneration process

As moisture levels in the air begin to drop, your skin will begin to dry and flake. And, inevitably - in the same way that the trees begin to shed their leaves - your skin will begin to shed its top layers to make way for new skin come spring. You need to help your skin to regenerate and get rid of the dead cells that cause it to appear dull and lacklustre as the temperature begins to fall. Chemical exfoliators are always better than ones containing beads as beads can damage the epidermis and cause capillaries to break.

You might also want to consider a peel. Whilst peels used to be better left to the professionals, there are a number of DIY home-peels now available. A peel can be a great way of going deep and removing dead cells from the skin’s surface quickly and effectively, leaving your skin looking instantly brighter.

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Winter specific skin care tips

1. Incorporate retinol into your skin care routine

Retinol isn’t only a miracle anti-ageing powerhouse, it can also be a fantastic way to encourage your skin cells to regenerate in the winter months. Retinol reduces the excess oil that can result when your skin is exposed to the elements and can limit the appearance of pigmentation.

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2. SPF isn’t only for the summer months

UV rays can - and will - get you at any time of year. They penetrate clouds like you wouldn’t believe and even when you can’t feel them on your skin, they’re there and causing the same damage that they’re causing when the sun is shining at its brightest in the summer. Never ever leave the house without a good SPF on underneath your moisturiser if you want to avoid skin-damage, fine lines, wrinkles and other signs of premature ageing such as pigmentation and liver spots.

3. Tailor your diet to the season

You should be eating grounding, earthy root vegetables - and specifically those containing high quantities of potent, complexion-boosting, beta-carotene. Butternut squash, sweet potato, pumpkin and carrots are all good sources of beta-carotene. Upping your intake of this nutrient can help to promote cell renewal and boost collagen production. Adding anti-inflammatory foods to your meals should be high on your list of skin-perfecting priorities too.

Lycored Lycopene™ contains a high concentration of beta-carotene, which is just one of the reasons we include it in the LYMA formula.

You should at the very minimum be sticking to a fundamental skin care routine year-round, but you need to be willing to adapt your regimen to the seasons too. Each season brings with it a host of potential threats to your skin, so you need to pre-empt this and prepare your skin accordingly. If you’re worried about wrinkles, plumpness or luminosity, LYMA’s formula can help to improve the appearance and feel of your skin no matter the season. And if you’re ready to take your skin care to the next level, find out which tips and tricks these skin experts and beauty bloggers swear by.


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