The ultimate luxury beauty gifts 2020.

It’s been a long year and we all deserve a treat. As Christmas edges ever-closer you’re no doubt on the lookout for some luxury beauty gifts to present to loved ones. We’ve rounded-up the best luxury gift ideas ranging from state-of-the-art beauty lasers, to gold-plated massage rollers, to make sure that we have you covered.

Beauty innovation has never been more exciting. There are some awesome brands disrupting the industry and flipping everything we thought we knew about skin care in particular on its head. There’s so much out there that it can be hard to know what not only makes a thoughtful and beautiful gift, but what actually works.

If you’re on the hunt for beauty gift ideas ahead of the Christmas season, and are looking for luxury beauty gift inspiration for him or for her, then check out our pick of the best gifts around:

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A Week’s Detox at Chenot Palace Weggis

If you're looking for healing luxury then look no further than Chenot Palace's signature residential detox programme: the ultimate retreat set in the foothills of the Swiss Alps. Chenot Palace's signature detox package is the perfect gift for somebody looking to achieve deep purification and detoxification of the body.

The week-long detox has been designed to enhance the natural mechanisms by which your body processes and lets go of metabolic waste and toxins, rejuvenating the body's systems and tissues and restoring hormonal balance in the process.

Included in the package are medical consultations, advanced diagnostic tests, a bespoke low-calorie plant-based nutritional plan and highly individualised targeted treatments.

Working in synergy with your body's in-built detoxifcation and purification systems, a one week stay at Chenot Palace ensures effective and complete detoxification and a feeling of renewal.

From £4,500 for one week - reserve your stay here

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A Course of Facials with Nichola Joss

Nichola Joss is one of the beauty industry’s most revered skincare experts and is the beauty therapist of choice for a bevy of A-list beauties such as Scarlett Johansson, Hilary Swank, Gisele Bundchen and Gwyneth Paltrow.

Based between London's Harley Street and her clinic in Manhattan, a course of Nichola's signature ‘Inner Facial’ treatments is our top pick. The Inner Facial combines lymphatic drainage massage with deep tissue pressure point massage and sculpting techniques to lift the facial muscles, relaxing and reviving the facial muscles, improving the skin tone and texture by increasing circulation to the jaw muscles whilst lifting and toning the face. Think of it as an instant 'face lift', designed to restore your skin's natural glow and elasticity.

The facial is completely bespoke and tailored to the individual's unique skin and muscular needs.

Facials start from £200 with an Executive Therapist and £350 with Nichola - find out more and make a booking here

Peloton Bike

It's the game-changing exercise bike that is upgrading cardio. For those of you unfamiliar with Peloton's revolutionary exercise system, allow us to let you in. Peloton provide exercise bikes that are like no exercise bike you've ever seen before. Peloton's bikes come with a screen attached, through which you can stream ride classes with some of the world's best spin instructors - live and to the comfort of your own home. Instructors motivate and encourage you to ride at your best, and the diverse class styles allow you to keep your workout fresh by selecting themes, difficulty levels and music genres according to your mood and preferences.

The bikes also come pre-loaded with a back-library of classes that range from 5 to 90 minutes, enabling you to find a ride no matter the time.

The fully immersive experience offers alternative workout options too: running, stretching, yoga and more are also available on the Peloton app, and membership allows you to stream from your phone, smartwatch, tablet or TV.

Peloton bikes from £1,990 and membership from £45/m - buy your bike here

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The LYMA Laser

LYMA’s new groundbreaking laser system is 2020’s biggest breakthrough beauty product. Whether you want to reduce wrinkles, increase skin tension and elasticity, fight inflammation, improve the appearance of pigmentation or rid yourself of scarring or acne, the LYMA Laser can help you to feel confident in your skin once more.

The LYMA Laser is unrivalled. Delivering powerful, controlled, monochromatic, coherent and polarised laser light, stimulating bio-transformational cellular renewal unlike anything else seen before outside of a clinic.

£1,999 - available to buy here

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LYMA Formula - Subscription

LYMA is the ultimate supplement. In combining nine powerful patented ingredients into one impressive formula, LYMA has been able to revolutionise the supplement industry. Whether you’re looking to get back what you’ve lost or take yourself to another level, LYMA is optimally dosed to deliver the best results, day in, day out.

Packed with anti-inflammatory adaptogens, nutricosmetics and spices, the LYMA formula delivers a daily dose of nutriceutical Cynatine® HNS, affron®, KSM-66 Ashwaghanda as well as powerful technology-enhanced natural carotenoid Lycored Lycopene™.

£149p/m - available to buy here

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If you’re planning to spoil someone special this Christmas with a luxury beauty gift or stocking filler then we’re sure you’ll find something in this list to fit the bill.

If you want to find out more about how the LYMA formula works to provide a beauty advantage that is totally unrivalled by anything else on the market today then click here. And for more information on LYMA’s disruptive laser technology, visit our page covering everything you need to know about LYMA’s groundbreaking new beauty must-have.


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