of supplements don't work.

Legislation needs to change.
You deserve to know the truth.

LYMA shares an open letter demanding a change in the UK’s outdated supplement laws.

It’s against the law to tell you*

*There is a way to reduce pressure on the NHS

Dear Reader,

Did you know that according to the WHO, chronic inflammatory diseases are the most significant cause of death in the world, and the NHS spends over £50bn a year on related long-term chronic conditions.

Over the last decade, the food supplement industry has made significant scientific breakthroughs in the field of preventative healthcare. But, due to the UK’s inflexible food laws, we are not allowed to describe their benefits.

A new class of supplement has evolved, supported by robust peer-reviewed medical data. Known as pharmaceutical-grade nutraceuticals, these advanced daily supplements deliver measurable results but it’s against the law to tell you about them. Bizarrely, only UK businesses are allowed to discuss these benefits in secret, with the UK consumer being left in the dark - imagine not being allowed to know that Ibuprofen treats headaches.

The way ahead:

The UK supplement industry is rightly regulated to prevent brands from making unsubstantiated claims. However, the most innovative companies are being held back by legislation that has not kept pace with scientific progress and are not being recognised or supported.

  • We believe that consumers should have the right to make informed decisions based on scientific data
  • We call on Government to update the relevant UK regulation so that the benefits associated with advanced supplements can be communicated to consumers
  • We remain committed to evidence-based products that can reduce the pressure on the NHS

As a result, we are now aging faster than our parents. So, please join us in calling for an evidence-based future for the UK’s supplement industry.

Lucy Goff,
LYMA Founder

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"We need to undo the problems that are creating the growing public health disaster. These tools are nutritional. This is where true prevention lies."
Paul Clayton PhD.
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