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Every day our LYMA supplement subscribers tell us about the life-changing results they’re getting from taking LYMA daily. When you suddenly get a great night’s sleep, or your nails stop breaking and feel stronger, it’s easy to attribute the changes to LYMA as nothing else in your life has changed. But we know that the differences aren’t so tangible for everyone. All our bodies are unique, and everyone will experience the benefits our nine patented ingredients in an equally unique way.

When you start taking LYMA, you're embarking on a journey. A constantly moving route to you being at your best. And no matter where you are in your journey, changes are under way. Deep inside your body and brain, cellular shifts are occurring. Your immune system is gaining strength, you’re becoming more resilient, and your health is improving. If you’re somebody for whom more tangible benefits take a little longer to surface, don’t worry your body is changing and you will see the benefits. Your best self is just around the corner and you will soon be able to the see and feel the changes.

Supplementing with LYMA decreases stress and inflammation in the body, supports restorative sleep, optimal brain function, physical strength and stability, enhanced immune response, a glowing complexion, stronger nails and bountiful hair. LYMA contains a myriad of amazing ingredients, all of which are clinically-proven and backed by science, and has been formulated to help you reach your full potential and to look and feel your best.

LYMA is designed to be taken on an ongoing basis and its benefits for body, brain and overall health are cumulative. Even if you’ve only been on your journey for a short time, the effects are taking place deep within your body, changes are happening that are improving your health and wellbeing every single day.

To enhance your LYMA journey we recommend incorporating some of these suggestions into your daily or weekly routine. Read on to find out how to upgrade your LYMA journey and reap ultimate benefits.


1. Hydrate.

This is rule number one and is fundamental to optimising every process in your body, and to keeping your skin, hair and nails looking incredible. The solution to pollution is dilution. Hydrate and keep a bottle of water with you at all times. Add lemon to your water for its complexion-boosting effects and drink your water at room temperate for ultimate hydration and improved digestion.

2. Prioritise a healthy diet.

At the root of many health issues in our busy, modern lives lies chronic inflammation. If you’re suffering from anxiety, compromised immunity, allergies or problematic skin, inflammation could be to blame.

Changing up your diet to include more anti-inflammatory foods such as fruits, vegetables, leafy greens, whole grains, fatty fish and nuts and seeds will support your body in the fight against chronic inflammation.

At LYMA, we believe that time-restricted eating (TRE) is the new intermittent fasting. TRE emphasises the time frame within which you eat over the particulars of what is on your plate.

That being said, our in-house nutritionist does recommend eating a rainbow of fruits and vegetables each day and setting yourself a challenge to eat as many different plant-based foods throughout your week as possible.

A food’s colour is representative of its nutritional content (obviously we are not talking about artificial food colourings here) so by increasing the variety of colours on your plate, you’re sure to be consuming a diverse range of vitamins, minerals and other vital nutrients from your food.

The LYMA formula includes ingredients that cannot be found in effective doses through food alone to help you feel your best and take your health to the next level. Following a healthy eating plan will definitely support, and help you to get the most out of, your LYMA journey.


3. Focus on sleep hygiene.

Sleepless nights affect up to 16 million people in the UK, with 67% of adults saying they wish they could sleep better and almost a quarter of adults managing no more than five hours a night.

LYMA contains peer-reviewed ingredients scientifically proven to support better quality sleep. By abstaining from coffee late in the day, eating your last meal a few hours before bed and banning screens from the bedroom, you’ll give yourself the opportunity to experience LYMA’s sleep benefits in full.

Why is sleep so important? Sleep therapist Dr Lindsay Browning explains that "Sleep is a vital pillar of overall health and wellbeing. It affects both your mood and your physical health. People who don't get enough sleep have a higher risk of heart disease, obesity, dementia and certain cancers. We also replenish our immune system overnight, so we are more likely to catch the flu, for example, if we have not slept well. Adults should ideally get between seven and nine hours of sleep per night for maximum health benefits."

Establishing a bedtime routine is a really good place to start if you haven’t yet begun to feel the sleep-enhancing benefits of LYMA. If you want to fall asleep faster, sleep more deeply or cure insomnia, you need to make sleep hygiene a priority.


4. Move your body.

Why is it that the Danish remain, year after year, at the top of the international happiness index? In addition to free healthcare and education, they credit their happiness to the fact that they tend to move their bodies every single day, usually outdoors, and usually in a low impact way. Come rain, shine, snow or sleet, the majority of Danes say they make it a priority to get outside for a daily dose of fresh air.

A walk in nature (a park will do just fine if you live in an urban area) has been proven to boost mood, speed up metabolism, support sleep, improve immunity and enhance productivity. What’s more, scientists have shown that walking outdoors for just 12 minutes is all you need to experience a positive impact on your mental health and physical wellbeing.

LYMA’s ingredients have been clinically proven to elevate mood and boost well-being, and a daily walk will only serve to enhance these benefits.


5. Practise mindfulness.

Mindfulness has proven health benefits across body and mind, and regular practise could help you to experience LYMA’s benefits more fully.

So what is mindfulness? In short, mindfulness is slowing down and taking the time to become aware of your body, your mind, your thoughts and your surroundings in a non-judgemental and accepting way. This might take the form of a daily meditation practice, or it might just mean stopping to breathe and take stock once in a while.

According to therapist Victoria Browne, who uses mindfulness to help her clients overcome anxiety and stress conditions, and to improve their overall wellbeing, “Over time, mindfulness can have a have a profound effect on the health of the individual. It can boost the immune system, reduce the risk of heart disease, reduce heart rate, enhance cognitive function and improve sleep. Emotionally, mindfulness is useful too and has been associated with greater feelings of positivity and calm and can even relieve stress and depression.”

Your LYMA journey is totally unique. You might be somebody who experiences improved sleep as one of the first signs that LYMA is improving your life. Or you might be somebody for whom the first sign of progress is noticing that you’re shedding fewer hairs when you brush, that your nails feel stronger, or that your skin appears smoother. You may feel your anxiety melting away within a few short weeks of taking LYMA, or it may take you a little longer to notice the change. You may have a different experience altogether.

If you have questions about LYMA or want to discuss your journey in more detail, our concierge always love hearing from you. Email to speak to someone who can offer advice and support.


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