Your Daily Ammunition

The world’s most advanced, bioavailable super supplement, powered by science to deliver ultimate wellness.

Your Daily Ammunition

A Game Changer

  • The first super supplement to use seven patented ingredients
  • Ultimate bioavailability, up to four times more than generic supplements
  • Scientifically proven, backed by global clinical trials
  • Easy to swallow capsule

A Game Changer

  • Seven Patented Ingredients
  • Ultimate Bioavailability
  • Scientifically Proven
  • Easy to swallow capsule

Super Charge the Human Body

Patented ingredients that go beyond the diet

Anti-age Hair,
Skin & Nails


Smoother Skin*


Stronger Hair*


Stronger Nails*

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Lower Fatigue*


More Brain Energy



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Reduced Anxiety*


Reduced Serum Cortisol*


Reduced Insomnia*

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Increased Antibodies*


Reduction in DNA Damage*


Shorter Colds*

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* Data based over a decade of research with 197 trials

A Statement Piece

Creating a new category in luxury wellness. Pure handcrafted copper, iconic in every way.

A Statement Piece

Simple Daily Regime

No mess, no mixing, no need for other supplements or multi-vitamins. Nourish your body with four daily capsules.

Simple Daily Regime

No mess, no mixing, no need to take any other supplements or multi-vitamins. Simply take four capsules daily to nourish your body. 

The Ultimate Experience

Why not invest in your wellness?
Live life now.


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