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LYMA Starter Kit £199 - Monthly Refills £149


Starter Kit £199

Includes 30 days' supply
+Handmade copper vessel

Refills £149

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What's Included

Every new LYMA member will receive our exclusive, handcrafted solid copper vessel, 120 LYMA capsules in a resealable travel pouch, a cleaning cloth to preserve your copper vessel and a unique members card.


The new story to write is your best chapter yet. #lymalife“Talking about anxiety helps to distigmatize it. At LYMA, we are passionate about finding ways to help quell or dampen the lows that affect us all.” #lymalife“I need an edge, I need to feel, I need to create” - Luke Smith, actor, writer. 
LYMA’s Cognizin® delivers a patented form of citicoline to supply your brain with the energy it can often need. Optimal flow, minimal low. #lymalifeWe are all becoming and renewing. How and what we become and how optimally we renew is your choice and your choice only. #lymalife“The law dictates that I can’t tell you just how good LYMA can be for us. If I could, we’d be here all day.” - Dr Paul Clayton phD and LYMA director of science.“There is nothing revolutionary about generic” - Dr Paul Clayton, LYMA director of science. #lymalife

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