The Ultimate Supplement Formula

Ten proven ingredients. Ultimately available to the body. Optimally dosed.

Using effects based science, LYMA positions itself worlds away from the rest of the supplement industry

Every one of the ten ingredients is patented and has been through peer-reviewed trials to prove it delivers real results.

Each ingredient has been formulated for ultimate bioavailability, allowing it to be easily and usefully absorbed by the body.

Every ingredient is dosed at the optimum level recommended by the research.

Together, our ingredients will make you feel your very best

Ten Proven Ingredients.
One Perfect Formula

Ultimate bioavailability, optimised dosage, high-tech delivery system.

Led by Science

LYMA is at the forefront of scientific innovation. Our experts are continually looking for the latest breakthroughs, meaning we upgrade our formula when a new ingredient emerges that is proven to work.

Leading the Industry

The LYMA Supplement is an elite force of ingredients which together are proven for men and women of all ages. Our members can be assured that our formula will always set the industry standard.

"Once you get past the positively pretty container and capsules, you'll discover why LYMA is the most groundbreaking supplement in the world.”

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Industry Reviews

Dana James MS, CNS, CDN

"With LYMA, there's nothing that's superfluous, it's a synergistic product that works on many biochemical levels. It helps with sleep, anxiety, mood, skin and bones."

Dana James MS, CNS, CDN, Triple certified Nutritionist, Functional Medicine Practitioner and Cognitive Behavioural Therapist

Dr Donald Cox PhD

"The best way to protect yourself is to take a product like Wellmune® Blend, which is a component of the LYMA supplement, to enhance your immune system."

Dr Donald Cox PhD, Food Microbiologist at Cornell University

Dr Keira Barr

"Using LYMA simplified my daily supplement regime."

Dr Keira Barr, Dual board-certified Dermatologist and Menopause Specialist

Kate Kerr

"LYMA is the most advanced supplement I have tried to date. I can honestly say that it’s, without question, the most effective supplement that I’ve taken."

Kate Kerr, Acclaimed Clinical Facialist

Dr Adrian Lopresti PhD

"LYMA contains an impressive combination of high-quality, research-driven, patented ingredients that can help people."

Dr Adrian Lopresti PhD, Clinical Psychologist and Researcher

Diane Nivern

"Taking the formula daily has helped me stay focused, energised yet calm, whilst also giving my hair, skin and nails and real boost!"

Diane Nivern, Award winning skincare specialist & facialist

Dr Michael A. Grandner, PhD, MTR

"Each ingredient has been tested, vetted and demonstrated its worth in a clinical trial and most importantly, at the dose that’s in there."

Dr Michael A. Grandner, PhD, MTR, Director of the Sleep and Health Research Program at the University of Arizona, and Director of the Behavioural at the Banner-University Medical Centre

Heather Jackson

"GenM completely supports and applauds the ethos, vision and purpose of LYMA and its founder, Lucy Goff."

Heather Jackson, Co-Founder of GEN M, a digital platform helping women thrive during the Menopause

Dr Nina Bal, BDS

"Since starting to take LYMA daily, I have noticed dramatically improved skin and it has helped my hair to grow back thicker and stronger than ever following both of my pregnancies."

Dr Nina Bal, BDS, Cosmetic Dental Surgeon and Facial Aesthetics Doctor

Customer Reviews

4.5 Stars

From 230 people

2 weeks ago

Great supplement, equally good customer service….

1 month ago

I feel better generally since I began Lyma. So far, so good. I will continue the journey and see how it goes!

1 month ago

Sleep has improved after 2 weeks of using Lyma.

1 month ago

The Laser and the Supplement are life-changing! I feel amazing! I feel focused, energetic, HAPPY, and less anxious!!!! It's amazing!

2 months ago

I was skeptical about a few things such as sleeping - actually only 2 weeks on I'm sleeping more and more after several years or very poor sleeping.

Your Questions About The LYMA Supplement Formula

How many ingredients does LYMA formula contain?

There are ten LYMA ingredients, carefully chosen as a perfect combination in optimum doses.

What are the ingredients in the LYMA Supplement? 

Are all LYMA Supplement ingredients proven in peer-reviewed studies?

Yes. All of the LYMA Supplement ingredients have been proven in multiple peer-reviewed studies.

How did we decide which ingredients to add to our formula?

When our founder Lucy Goff was recovering from septicaemia, world renowned pharmaconutritionist Dr Paul Clayton recommended an initial group of LYMA ingredients that helped her recover. The LYMA Supplement ingredients include this initial set plus additions that benefit beauty, mood and performance. LYMA constantly updates its formula as new, compelling ingredients come to light that have the proven studies to back them up.

What ingredients from LYMA formula help with skin, hair and nails?

Cynatine® HNS is LYMA’s hero ingredient most closely connected to skin, hair and nails. This supplement is the most efficacious and soluble form of keratin out there, meaning your body can actually benefit from this vital substance. 


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