The Truth About Beauty Devices

What can your at home device really do? LYMA's network of scientists reveal the truth behind the beauty industry's curtain

The Issue at Hand

There has been a paradigm shift in skin rejuvenation over the last few years; a trend that will no doubt be accelerated by recent events. Where formerly skin rejuvenation was an acquisition, now it is part of a holistic wellness regime that begins and ends in the home. The goals, too, have changed. Where formerly it was accepted that home-based skin care regimes managed the inevitable age-related decline in tone, texture and clarity, now the more ambitious goal is to reverse the signs of aging.

In this context, clinic-based therapies and even aesthetic surgery have become adjuncts rather than the principal or only means by which skin rejuvenation can be acquired. As people are taking ever greater responsibility for the rejuvenation of their own skin, so this necessitates a drive to develop better products for use at home. The challenge is that these products must not only be effective, but they must avoid pain and significant downtime.

The traditional paradigm of skin rejuvenation works by a controlled chemical or thermal injury which initiates a wound healing cascade. This is often best reserved for controlled, clinical environments. Empowering the individual requires us to find ways to circumvent these problems while offering something that is both safe and efficacious.

The Limitations of “At-Home” LED Devices

A large number of products have been developed in the last decade offering a safe and efficacious means of rejuvenating the skin and reversing the signs of aging.

At the forefront of this innovation drive is LED-based low level light therapy. The theoretical basis of this therapeutic option is evidence that the absorption of light at the red and near infrared end of the spectrum induces a cascade of beneficial events within the cells of the skin that induces tissue regeneration without the need for tissue injury. This is known as photobiomodulation. At a basic level, micro current treatments are a less precise and selective means of achieving the same thing.

Red and near infrared light also exhibit the potential to stimulate hair follicles and improve blood flow. By contrast, blue light promotes the formation of chemical compounds within the oil-producing sebaceous glands that actually kill the bacteria associated with spots and blemishes.

However, there are a number of crucial differences between the type of light produced by LED and that produced by lasers. LED light does not penetrate skin in the way that laser light does. One of the theoretical limitations of LED-based skin rejuvenation is that the light may not reach to the depth required to rejuvenate the deeper part of the skin in the way that a laser alternative can.

LED can stimulate the epidermis towards epidermal turnover which can have an effect on smoothness and help to even out skin tone. However, the skin isn’t uniform in terms of its structure to the top layer to the bottom layer. Wrinkle reduction has to be targeted from the bottom layers, and there is no evidence to say what benefits LED is able to effect at the base layers of the skin.

The Potential of Microcurrent Devices

To a certain extent, micro current electric machines is a crude way of doing the same thing LED light does which is energy exchange at a cellular level. They don’t have the potential breadth of cellular effect that light imparts on cells. It’s a crude way of energy exchange and energy exchange dissipates in the form of heat. So, it works by micro changes and intracellular temperature levels that induce physiological effects.

Electricity preferentially takes the path of least resistance. In the case of the passage of electricity through living tissue, skin and fat provide relatively greater resistance than nerve or muscle. The long term effects of the preferential passage of micro currents through nerve and muscle rather than skin and fat remains unclear.

Why Laser Light is The Gold Standard

Photobiomodulation is now a well-established goal of low level light therapy with a firm scientific basis. LEDs have become the typical source of light for photobiomodulation because of the commercial advantages of developing LED-based light sources for use at home. They are relatively cheap, cover large surface areas and are, on the whole, unregulated. Laser light, the theoretical gold standard in photobiomodulation, has not been developed along the same commercial template due to the perceived challenges of developing a safe laser for home use within the required regulatory framework.

A safe red/near infrared laser for home use photobiomodulation offers a completely novel paradigm in the growing field of at-home skincare. The precise, targeted, non-destructive induction of tissue regeneration from the surface of the skin to the tissues underneath the skin is not available at present using any alternative method for use at home. Moreover, as light of different wavelengths induces different tissue responses, combining a red/near infrared laser with a blue LED, thereby also targeting the relatively superficial sebaceous glands, offers a powerful combination of light based therapies. This option has the potential to completely recalibrate our expectations of what can be achieved at home.

Why The LYMA Laser Is Different to All Other Beauty Devices


Microcurrent disperses in the form of cell-damaging heat. The long-term effects of passing microcurrent through nerve and muscle rather than skin is unclear.

Near-Infrared LED

Near-infrared LED light does not penetrate the skin in the way that near-infrared laser light does. LED is unable to reach the deepest layers of the skin.

Diode Laser

At home diode lasers (between 5 and 20 mW) are designed to focus on water, and the by-product of this is heat. As a result this induces the body's own repair response to bring about the production of collagen and repair the dermis.

The LYMA Laser

Breakthrough ultra-diffused lens delivers targeted, controlled power through all the layers of the skin. It's 100x more effective than LED .

Skin Depth





Case Studies

Simple Daily Regime

No need for busy people to make space for time consuming cosmetic appointments. The LYMA System creates clinic-grade results in the comfort of your own home.

Results in as Little as 12 Weeks


TargetBlemishes and scarring (caused by blemishes)

ProtocolUse daily for 3 months, then twice a week maintenance

ResultBlemishes no longer present and scars have faded



Target75-year-old woman, anti-ageing face treatment

Protocol1 hour daily for 4 months. Results can take up to 6 months dependent on skin condition

ResultReduced wrinkles, improved muscle tone and reduced pigmentation


Facial Scarring

TargetHistoric blemishes scarring

ProtocolUsed 45 minutes daily on affected cheek areas for 3 months

ResultRegeneration of skin to improve appearance of scar tissue


Expert Reviews

"The LYMA Laser is the breakthrough beauty product of the decade"

Dr. Graeme E Glass

PhD, Plastic, Craniofacial and Aesthetic surgeon, Associate Professor of Clinical Surgery

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"The LYMA Laser is the breakthrough beauty product of the decade"


TargetTreating redness

Protocol15 minutes daily for 4 weeks, can take 3 to 6 months for results

ResultReduced appearance of the symptoms of redness


Body Scars

TargetTreating an historic heart surgery scar

ProtocolUsed for 3 minutes over each scar section, daily for two months. Can take 3 to 6 months depending on scar type and age

ResultRegeneration of skin improves appearance of scar tissue



Target47-year-old, knee lift treatment

Protocol15 minutes daily for 3 months, can take up to 6 months for transformational results

Result Vastly improved skin texture, skin elasticity and cellulite reduction


What Are the Different
Skincare Treatments?

A comprehensive guide to in clinic and at home laser skin resurfacing and tightening treatments, risks and costs.


Industry Reviews

Diane Nivern

"The Laser is revolutionary in skincare as a remedial and preventative tool helping my clients reverse the signs of ageing and improve their wellbeing."

Diane Nivern, Award winning skincare specialist & facialist

Katelijne Lecleir

"I am happy to connect clients a next-level skin reviving system to perform at home, unlike anything ever seen before. What is also very important to me is that it is very powerful and safe."

Katelijne Lecleir, Gua Sha Expert and Founder of Yuu Studio

Dr Graeme Glass PhD

"The LYMA Laser captures the efficacy of a Laser-based light therapy previously only available in the clinic and delivers it into the hands of the consumer for use at home."

Dr Graeme Glass PhD, Plastic, Craniofacial and Aesthetic Surgeon Associate Professor of Clinical Surgery

Anna Zahn

"I am so impressed with the LYMA Laser's ground-breaking technology. I’m not surprised everyone wants one with results so powerful."

Anna Zahn, Founder and Owner of Ricari Studio Health Spas, with locations in LA, NY and London

Katharine Mackenzie Paterson

"With no downtime, this portable magic wand can be used for a few minutes every day, at any time of the day.  I’ve seen skin looking brighter, more even and just healthier with continued use."

Katharine Mackenzie Paterson, Skincare Expert and Founder of KMP Skin

Dr Paul Clayton Phd

"The LYMA System is the break-through beauty product of the decade."

Dr Paul Clayton Phd, Medical Pharmacologist

Pati Dubroff

"The breakthrough beauty device of the decade. I use it on clients’ skin before makeup and it massively reduces inflammation, erases under-eye bags and gives the face a fabulous glow."

Pati Dubroff, Hollywood's Leading Make-Up Artist

Mary Greenwell

"To have healthy skin in the long-term, your focus needs to be on looking after it in the kindest way possible. The LYMA Laser, truly, is that kindest way."

Mary Greenwell, Makeup Artist

Romy Solemini

"The LYMA Laser heals the skin, calms any redness before an event and overall makes the skin appear firmer and bouncier."

Romy Solemini, New York-based Makeup Artist

Dr Costi

"It's beautiful for the skin and very easy to use and it doesn't cause any damage to your cells"

Dr Costi, Cosmetic Dermatologist, Beirut

Joanne Evans

"I’ve found that The LYMA laser gives a really lovely finish to the skin at the end of the treatment, which I was really surprised about."

Joanne Evans, Leading facialist and Founder of Skin Matters

Nichola Joss

"The LYMA Laser takes skin regeneration to a new level. Clinic grade performance for everyday home use that I can’t live without."

Nichola Joss, Facialist to the stars and Skincare Expert

Dr Nadine Hachach-Haram, BEM

"The LYMA Laser is a ground-breaking laser technology that works for all skin types and improves a range of concerns such as scarring, blemishes, pigmentation and skin aging. "

Dr Nadine Hachach-Haram, BEM, Consultant Plastic Surgeon and the Clinical Lead for Innovation-Temps Belgravia

Joanna Czech

"The LYMA Laser not only aligns with my philosophy of protecting and supporting skin but it can be used on all skin types and tones, truly representing inclusive beauty. LYMA is a total game changer - incredibly powerful, portable and most importantly, completely safe."

Joanna Czech, Celebrity Skin Care Expert

Dr Dendy Engelman

"It's thrilling to now have an at-home device that addresses wrinkles, skin redness, blemishes, scars, pigmentation and cellulite."

Dr Dendy Engelman, Board certified Dermatologic Surgeon at Shafer Clinic Fifth Avenue

Customer Reviews

4.5 Stars

From 140 people

1 month ago

I can already see an improvement at 2.5 weeks.

Ms Bee
2 months ago

The products are outstanding - the supplements did help me out of a long stretch of overwhelm and back to center during menopause. I tried HRT before and threw it in the bin after just one week as it only got worse and placed my first order with LYMA. Their supplements worked their magic fast. Now I can handle anything life throws at me again with grace, ease, and efficiency. The Skin System works well for me so far, too but I have to admit I still want to be more consistent. My skin is so much better already with using the Serum & Cream in the mornings and after a laser treatment, which I manage to do once or twice a week so far. My issues were breakouts and redness, the breakouts are long gone and the couperose is getting much better. Last but not least I really want to mention the impeccable concierge service (Thank you, Jennifer Von), they always go above and beyond to support you, which I am very grateful for!

2 months ago

Been using the laser every day for 3 months ago and have seen fantastic results, with skin glowing, and wrinkles a lot less visible. The result is so good that I’m gonna keep using it every day, for the first 3 months. The best at-home beauty device I’ve ever used!

2 months ago

I've tried every product of anti-aging skincare to devices. I honestly love this laser device and the serum and cream. I also bought the supplement. It's expensive but worth every penny! I've seen results after a week. It's easy to do, I use it while watching TV in the evening.

3 months ago

Loving my Lyma. It's the best investment I made for my skin. I still use it almost daily while watching a movie or my favourite show, even after my initial 12 weeks as I love the results I have achieved with using it diligently. My skin looks so clear, rejuvenated and glowing. I have recommended this device to all my girlfriends as it is certainly worth every penny!


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