Our Story

“I am a mum, a wife, a journalist and founder of LYMA. This is my story.”

Lucy Goff
Founder, LYMA

It was 2012. I went into the labour ward with an overnight bag. Thankfully my daughter was born healthy, however fate dealt me ill with septicaemia. I eventually left hospital six weeks later, riddled with toxins, no real protocol for recovery and feeling apprehensive.

Over the next few months I saw several Harley Street physicians. Each prescribed a different course of treatment, which resulted in a kitchen full of supplements, but none that had any effect.

I was left questioning what I had been taking and being a journalist I started to investigate. What I unearthed was shocking. 90% of the supplements sold today are clinically proven to have little or no effect yet are perfectly legal for sale.

However, if you look further afield (as I did), you can find ingredients that are truly life changing. Known as nutraceuticals, these ingredients are supported by real peer-reviewed science and proven results. The downside? The nutraceutical world is a minefield and not readily available to consumers.

So, with another twist of fate, I decided to do something about it and created LYMA. Bringing together these scientifically proven ingredients to formulate into the industry’s most powerful supplement.

Our Challenge

“Meeting Lucy was a revelation. At last, someone from outside the industry was making more sense than most of those in it.”

Dr. Paul Clayton, PhD
Director of Science, LYMA

Our challenge was simple. The supplement industry had evolved into a cynical marketing machine, churning out generic, low cost and poor performing products. It is also hampered by a fragmented, regional regulatory framework that allows misleading claims to be made and stifles innovation. Developing a true breakthrough formula was incredibly challenging. A journey that took us around the world, meeting expert scientists and the highest-grade manufacturers.

Fate once again struck in 2014 at a conference in Geneva, where I met Dr Paul Clayton, a key note speaker and world authority, with over 50 years’ experience in nutraceutical science.

Much of Paul’s research focused on cutting-edge patented ingredients; their role in controlling inflammation and slowing the ageing process. Paul’s knowledge, ethos and drive were infectious. We shared the same frustrations, goals and a desire to change the industry. It was Paul that led us towards a formula centred not on creating the biggest margins, but instead utilising pharmaceutical grade technology and innovative science emerging from the world’s leading scientific research institutions.

Our Future

“LYMA will never rest. We will always be at the forefront of the latest global scientific innovations.”

Simon Goff

The LYMA journey is only just starting. We continue to build our brilliant London based team to focus on the research and development of new, transformational products. Each person at LYMA shares the same vision of continued discovery and the craving to upgrade people’s lives. We don’t believe in the status-quo. We believe in innovation.

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