Our Story

“I wanted to create a supplement that helped people feel their best. So they can fall in love with themselves again.”

Lucy Goff
Founder, LYMA

It was 2012. I had spent six weeks in hospital battling septicaemia and emerged riddled with toxins. There was no real protocol for recovery and I was feeling apprehensive. I longed to feel balanced again.

Over the next few months I saw several Harley Street physicians. Each prescribed a different course of treatment, which resulted in a kitchen full of supplements, but none had any effect.

I was training, eating a healthy diet and taking a multitude of supplements, but I still felt as though I was running on empty. I wasn’t at my full potential. As a mother to a young family, this was a scary place to be.

Our Commitment

“Meeting Lucy was a revelation. At last someone from outside the supplement industry was speaking more sense than those in it.”

Dr. Paul Clayton, PhD
Director of Science, LYMA

2014 was the year that everything changed. I met Dr. Paul Clayton, a world authority in nutritional science. I learnt that almost all of the supplements sold today deliver no provable benefits, but are perfectly legal for sale. This seemed like a complete outrage.

Paul prescribed me a new protocol using eight patented ingredients, each dosed at active levels. Within one month I was back at work, full of energy and feeling better than ever. I was back in balance.

I left my job in public relations and started working with the best scientists with one aim: to produce the ultimate all-in-one supplement. A proven formula with the power to unlock human potential and wellbeing.

By taking an evidence-based approach with no compromise, I knew that a supplement that was properly made and properly tested would deliver proper results. It’s as simple as that.

Our Mission

“LYMA will always meet the highest standards. Yours.”

Simon Goff

Science has the power to unlock your full potential. It’s about creating the perfect balance between emotional, mental and physical health. When you’re feeling your best and sleeping well, you’re more empowered. You achieve more and get the most out of life. That’s where LYMA comes in.

We spent years researching, sourcing and perfecting our formula, balancing science and nature, to bring you the ultimate supplement. These are just some of the proven benefits of LYMA:

  • A relief from stress
  • Feeling focused
  • A moment of bliss
  • The LYMA glow
  • Thriving, not just surviving

So, whether you’re looking for better quality downtime, smoother skin, or improved productivity, LYMA’s the advantage you’ve been waiting for. Science, in association with you.

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