The Brand

Our journey started with an aspiration to develop a luxury wellness brand that would be a game changer. Working with industry experts we have combined intensive R&D with the latest technological advances to produce a unique and outstanding nutritional product.

Our Approach

LYMA represents a breakthrough in wellness, providing a much-needed solution in a misleading market. By throwing out the rulebook, we collaborated with leading Oxford scientists to create a holistic nutraceutical that sits above traditional supplements and multi-vitamins, offering a pharma -grade formula that is proven to work. LYMA challenges an industry typified by unproven and ineffective ingredients, by offering an evidence-based approach that leaves no uncertainty regarding its performance; ensuring its position as the defacto brand for ultimate wellness.

The Ultimate Experience

Why not invest in your wellness?
Live life now.


“I am in awe of flowers. 
Not because of their colours, 
but because even though they 
have dirt in their roots, 
they still grow. 
They still bloom.” #lymalifeSelf realisation only comes with clarity, this is the stimulus, this is the impetus. Time to wake up. #lymalifeYou can’t pour from an empty cup. Nourish and rebuild from within. #lymalife”Lyma leaves you calm, but poised and alert.” - Dr Paul ClaytonLauded classical pianist and author James Rhodes got used to being sick. Then he found LYMA. #lymalifeFree your mind and the rest will follow. #lymalife

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