The Brand

Our journey started with an aspiration to develop a luxury wellness brand that would be a game changer. Working with industry experts we have combined intensive R&D with the latest technological advances to produce a unique and outstanding nutritional product.

The People

Fitness coach to the A-list Russell Bateman, had been nurturing a concept to develop the ultimate daily supplement. Working with his client Lucy Goff, a journalist and PR consultant, a passion for wellness was the catalyst that kick-started LYMA. The partnership, alongside world class nutritional scientists developed LYMA from an idea to formation.

The Ultimate Experience

Why not invest in your wellness?
Live life now.


“Too many supplements contain ingredients which simply don’t affect the body, often merely passing through it. LYMA was designed to counteract this with the highest absorption levels possible so that they disperse to the areas where the body can best absorb them.” @Vogue #LYMAlifeLYMA includes a clinically-proven dose of Wellmune, a patented form of beta glucans which support the immune system in its vital function of  fighting off infection. Clinically proven to increase antibody levels by 32% in 90 days. #LYMAlifeWelcome to LYMA. Where the world’s finest minds meet the world’s unrivalled experience. #LYMAlifeWave farewell to adequacy and begin your journey to supreme wellbeing. #LYMAlifeEach copper capsule delivers an explosion of wellness to every cell in your body. #LYMAlifeLYMA, the supermodel’s secret super supplement. Clinically proven to deliver 47% stronger, glossier hair with reduced hair loss in 90 days. #LYMAlife

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