The Brand

Our journey started with an aspiration to develop a luxury wellness brand that would be a game changer. Working with industry experts we have combined intensive R&D with the latest technological advances to produce a unique and outstanding nutritional product.

Our Approach

LYMA represents a breakthrough in wellness, providing a much-needed solution in a misleading market. By throwing out the rulebook, we collaborated with leading Oxford scientists to create a holistic nutraceutical that sits above traditional supplements and multi-vitamins, offering a pharma -grade formula that is proven to work. LYMA challenges an industry typified by unproven and ineffective ingredients, by offering an evidence-based approach that leaves no uncertainty regarding its performance; ensuring its position as the defacto brand for ultimate wellness.

The Ultimate Experience

Why not invest in your wellness?
Live life now.


The epitome of a chill pill. #lymalifeSelf care is a divine responsibility. Invest in your skin, it’s going to represent you for a very long time. #lymalifeThe final forming of a person’s character and self lies in their own hands. #lymalifeThe only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance. #lymalifeWe ALL deserve the absolute best of what is on offer. Don’t treat yourself to anything less. #lymalifeHow you look and feel is a reflection of the life you are leading. It’s never too late to educate yourself on the true benefits of what you are putting into your body. LYMA isn’t a quick fix, it’s a life fix. #lymalife

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