The Brand

Our journey started with an aspiration to develop a luxury wellness brand that would be a game changer. Working with industry experts we have combined intensive R&D with the latest technological advances to produce a unique and outstanding nutritional product.

The People

Fitness coach to the A-list Russell Bateman, had been nurturing a concept to develop the ultimate daily supplement. Working with his client Lucy Goff, a journalist and PR consultant, a passion for wellness was the catalyst that kick-started LYMA. The partnership, alongside world class nutritional scientists developed LYMA from an idea to formation.

The Ultimate Experience

Why not invest in your wellness?
Live life now.


Fall in love with something that is both your safe place and your biggest adventure. @lymalife fortifies you from within. Its evidence-based formula is packed with award winning, patented nutraceuticals at clinically proven doses to strengthen your immunity and kickstart creativity. #lymalifeLYMA founder @russellsbc was in NYC to guide some VS Angels through workouts and rehearsals for the show. As always, fuelled by LYMA. #vsfashionshow #gizeleoliveira #josephineskriver #jasminetookes #kelseymerritt  #joja #victoriassecret #lymalifeIn order to move on, you must understand why you felt what you did and why you no longer need to feel it. LYMA is formulated with Cognizin to fuel your brain and better process emotions. KSM-66 Ashwaganhda helps your body adapt to stress; clinically proven to lower cortisol levels by 28% in 12 weeks. #lymalifeNo tricks, just treats. Proven in 200+ clinical studies. #lymalifeLYMA’s Director of Science, Dr. Paul Clayton, Fellow of the Institute of Food, Brain and Behaviour (Oxford), reveals why @lymalife is unrivalled in today’s @telegraph. “I don’t like the #supplement industry, it is under-regulated and it produces a lot of junk. They put products out that cannot possibly work which are bought by people who have no idea. The whole thing is hope and hype.  Most #supplements only have a talismanic quality, it’s like carrying the bones of saints around in your pocket. I get asked a lot to advise on supplements but I always say no because I don’t want to be associated with junk science. But LYMA has started to move away from hype based #nutrition to something with a strong evidence base. I have to be able to defend this to my colleagues at Oxford and for the first time I am confident this will work. This is not just about looking better and feeling better this is about real #health benefits.” #lymalifeYour body is your temple, but who do you trust to look after it in an industry where over 90% of supplements are unproven? 
Until now no one has ever attempted to develop a supplement for whole-body health using patented ingredients. Why? Because it’s expensive and difficult. 
Flying in the face of convention, LYMA was created to change the parameters of what a supplement is capable of. Trust LYMA, 200+ clinical studies published in medical journals don’t lie. LYMA is evidence based nutrition. #LYMAlife

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