5 Reasons Your Skin Will Act Up This Month

Even when everything else around us is brightening up, often our skin needs a bit more help.

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Is there any time more optimistic and full of promise than spring? After such a long, lacklustre winter, the world is gathering energy once more. Don’t be surprised though that even if you’re ready to re-emerge, your skin isn’t. Even when everything else around us is brightening up, often our skin needs a bit more help.

Skin craves the sun.

This is the longest time in the year that your body has gone without receiving a decent dose of Vitamin D. Vitamin D is made by the skin when in the presence of sunlight and because it’s not possible to get sufficient levels from our diet, all our bodies are severely lacking in it right now.

TIME FOR… The LYMA Supplement. The only peer-reviewed, scientifically proven Supplement on the nutraceuticals market today, LYMA is a fail-safe way to get your skin back up and glowing again. Containing Vita-algae D3™, a highly bio-available form of Vitamin D derived from marine algae, it combats dullness, restores energy to cells and get skin beaming with health and vitality.

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Barriers need re-building.

Temperatures in spring go from balmy to freezing overnight, not to mention switching unpredictably from downpour to dry spell. Our skin can’t cope with such extreme fluctuations in environment and as its main purpose is defence, barrier function is the first front to be compromised. Weakened skin is far more prone to flare ups, hyper-sensitivity, irritation and skin redness.

TIME FOR… Probiotic skincare. Good bacteria in probiotic skincare products increase skin’s immunity, reinforce barrier function and have an anti-inflammatory mechanism that calms skin down again. Skin becomes less sensitive and reactive to its changing environment. For added resilience, look for those that also contain squalene, an oil that seals in water and prevents transepidermal water loss.

Lines are being drawn.

Finally being able to workout outdoors is great for the soul but fresh spring days when the sunshine is accompanied by the full force of a cold wind, dehydrate skin quicker than a HIIT class. We’re also guilty of drinking less water in the first few months of the year, favouring hot drinks and caffeine which are hugely dehydrating. Thirsty skin accelerates premature aging and causes fine lines and wrinkles to become more pronounced.

TIME FOR… The LYMA Laser. Reversing wrinkles and lines that have already taken residence requires a clinic-standard laser. Unlike most skin devices on the market that bounce light off the skin, the LYMA Laser’s 500 milliwatt straight-line laser beam passes directly through the skin’s surface to penetrate the deeper levels. Once there, it heats cells up to a hundred thousandth of a degree, triggering the cells associated with aging to be switched off and those associated with renewal, switched on. Fear not, all this power is perfectly controlled by two internal diffused lenses that disperse the central beam of light 25,000 times across the three-centimetre lens, therefore removing all heat and any chance of danger to the skin or eyes. World-first, clinic-grade technology in the palm of your hand, feels a bit like being allowed to press the launch button of space rocket.

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Skin wants to break free.

Months of slathering on thick, unctuous balms and rich overnight masks through the winter has certainly warded off dryness and dehydration. You’ve earned your beauty stripes there but an unwelcome side effect of all that cocooning is that sebum production becomes unbalanced, leaving your skin congested and spotty.

TIME FOR… A chemical peel. No trip to the salon needed, there are a huge variety of gentler, at-home options now. Alpha-hydroxy acids (AHA) and Beta-hydroxy acids (BHA), can be found nestled amongst the ranges of many quality skincare lines and unlike their professional peel counterparts, incur very little sting, sometimes none whatsoever. Start with a weekly fruit extract face peel, such as mango or papaya to test skin’s reaction or choose lactic acid which is very mild indeed. Sloughing off the skin’s very top layer will unclog pores and clear away dead skin cells, achieving a smoother surface that light can readily bounce off.

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It’s toxic out there.

Think pollution and your mind goes to summer city smog. Whilst this is certainly true of ozone and UV radiation, levels of carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides and particulate matter tend to peak during the winter when it’s colder and the air more dense, therefore becoming trapped lower to the ground. What’s more, if you’re a country dweller, ammonia levels spike in the spring due to increased agricultural activity and spraying of the fields. Pollution is highly destructive to skin and depletes oxygen levels, causing dullness and premature aging.

TIME FOR… A high-quality antioxidant. Serums containing vitamin A, E and C fight free-radical damage and the destruction that toxic pollution wreaks. Applied each morning as the first skincare step, antioxidant serums stop heavy metals sticking to the face and feed the skin essential nutrients for optimum health. For the inside track on daily defence, the LYMA supplement also contains Lycored Lycopene™, a powerful carotenoid derived from tomato. The human body can’t manufacture carotenoids itself, so the only way to get them into your system is in supplement form. The result is brighter, bouncier, more resilient skin.


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