A Former PT Praises The LYMA Supplement for 'Improving Your Health with Minimal Effort'

Trying to reconnect with his health after leaving the fitness industry, John was amazed with LYMA

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Former PT John is all about quick, easy ways to build better and healthier habits. A year and a half after starting LYMA, he swears by the decision to try our proven Supplement.

Back when John was a PT, he was happy to be directive about how his clients could, and should, live their lives. Now, 42 and working in branding, he’s realised that it’s not as easy as it looked from the other side. “When it’s your job as a trainer you’re naturally more interested than most people. You forget that when you’re stuck behind a computer, life can be more complicated and the salad looks less appealing.”

LYMA, however, does exactly what everyone is looking for from a new health kick: “it improves your health with minimal effort.”

John has now been taking LYMA for 18 months, but that’s not all: “I’ve recommended it to my friends and they're still taking it 12-18 months later.” He started to see benefits straight away, with his sleep improving: he was less tired, and he was able to get up easier. “If I run out, my sleep takes a dive and I have less energy, so I feel a lot better when I take LYMA.”

The fitness industry, John says, is “full of snake oil salesmen try to sell you stuff that is low effort: from those vibrating ab packs that don't do anything, to people saying you can work out three minutes a day and get the same effect.” Among all the chaos, he says, LYMA was a no brainer, and surprisingly easy to incorporate into his life.

For John, he sees LYMA as an example of something he always tried to promote with his clients: not telling them what they should be doing, but rather “getting them into better patterns.” Similar to how we talk about mental health, he says: “we ask what caused those thought patterns. Similarly I’d ask what’s causing your eating patterns or energy patterns.”

If he was still a PT, John added, he would definitely recommend LYMA to clients. “This is something that is going to make you feel better. You’ll get better sleep, which is a huge health marker. You will look better too. I mean, it’s not gonna turn you into Brad Pitt,” he laughs, “but my skin’s clearer, my eyes are clearer, my nails and hair are better.”

How would he describe LYMA to someone who was yet to try it? It’s simple he says: “I would say it gives me an advantage. It’s my secret weapon.”

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How does the LYMA Supplement work? 

Most supplements out there on the market today are a placebo: they use ingredients with no medical evidence to back up their efficacy, in amounts that vary per capsule, in forms that aren’t necessarily bioavailable and therefore useable by the body.

This is what we wanted to tackle: a market full of options that don’t seem to work. No more trying to devise a cocktail of perfect supplements from the shelves of your local shop. Our beautiful copper capsules come to your door once a month, and manage to truly supplement your health in ways a healthy diet can’t and any other supplement could never manage to do. Whether it’s your immune system, mood, sleep or physical appearance, the LYMA Supplement’s combination of patented, clinically trialled and proven ingredients are the product of top scientists figuring out how to give you a real advantage in life.

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