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01.03.22 (Updated 08.06.23)

Leading Plastic Surgeon, Associate Professor of Surgery

Dr Graeme Glass, MD, PhD

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Dr Graeme Glass is a leading Craniofacial, Aesthetic and Plastic Surgeon. He is an attending surgeon at Sidra Medicine, a state of the art medical facility in Qatar and an Associate Professor of Clinical Surgery at Weill Cornell Medical College. A pioneer in paediatrics, in 2021 he was celebrated for his world first approach to reconstruction of the femur and hip joint in a little girl with bone cancer.

Dr Glass studied both medicine and physiology at Glasgow University before obtaining his PhD at Imperial College London. He went on to do post-doctoral research as a lecturer at Oxford University, researching novel stem cell therapeutics, while also completing a plastic surgery residency in London.

He completed his specialist training in craniofacial surgery at Great Ormond Street, as well as head and neck microvascular reconstruction, facial palsy and aesthetic surgery.

Having published over 45 peer-reviewed papers, several textbook chapters and internationally renowned as a lecturer, he is a fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons of England, sits on the editorial board of a major plastic surgery journal, and teaches preparation courses for the Royal College Fellowship (board) exams.

Dr Graeme Glass is the LYMA Director of Aesthetics, thanks to his pioneering study of lasers. In June 2021 he published a paper on Photobiomodulation: The Clinical Applications of Low-Lever Light Therapy in Aesthetic Surgery Journal.

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