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When we read inspiring stories of women breaking out on their own, starting businesses or smashing through glass ceilings, their experiences can seem far removed from our own. Their achievements may seem so sky-scraping that there’s a danger of these women appearing unreal, almost superhuman. But the truth for every innovator, brand builder, entrepreneur or CEO is that it’s a marathon, not a sprint. There will be setbacks, there will be failures but it’s how you reframe them and move forward that dictates your future success. CEOs aren’t born, they are built.

We explore the origin story of LYMA, the brand that is helping people to feel their best through every stage of their career, and how their products have helped four successful leaders, including its own founder, in their career journeys.

1. The LYMA story

With Lucy Goff, Founder of LYMA
Lucy Goff, founder of LYMA

No amount of grit nor determination can survive without stamina; a lesson LYMA founder Lucy Goff has learned over and again.

Starting a business from her kitchen table when she was barely strong enough to hold her newborn and being refused by every investment firm she approached, there were so many opportunities to quit and yet Lucy kept pushing. Refusing to cut corners on quality or compromise on scientific evidence, LYMA now has a peer-reviewed Supplement, a clinic-grade Laser and the world’s most powerful epigenetic Skincare in its portfolio. Fast forward ten years and LYMA has received the King’s Award For Enterprise and TIME Magazine just named the LYMA Laser among the best innovations of the year.

“No one gets to be an overnight success, no matter how talented you are or great your idea, profound success takes years,’ insists Lucy Goff. “I couldn't create more hours in the day but I could develop an evidence-based Supplement able to make those hours we do have, more productive.”

And that’s exactly what she did. Orchestrating a global team of scientists, Lucy brought to fruition a clinically dosed, peer-reviewed, fully patented Supplement capable of optimising your long-term health, physical performance and productivity. “As a patented nootropic, LYMA can make you think faster, feel better and operate on a higher level. What’s more, its incredible capacity to aid restorative sleep helps you workout harder, feel more positive and tackles inflammation throughout the body.”

Not only did the ethos behind the company spur on the success of its founder, but many other thriving business women have incorporated LYMA products into their lives, in order to be at their best throughout every stage of their careers. Here, we spotlight some of those women.

2. Supporting with menopause

With Ivana Giachino, Fashion mogul and Founder of Digital Events Company Lo Studios.

Ivana closeup Smiling

Ivana Giachino always said she felt sharp as a tack before menopause hit and unexpected indecision and brain fog descended. Being a details person and having a good memory were always qualities Ivana attributed to her success of running her own brand strategy corporation and before that, managing director of a global corporation for 14 years. Yet, Ivana was suddenly struggling to communicate her ideas or pitch to investors - something she’d previously excelled at. Ivana describes this whole experience as extremely frustrating and is something many women reaching this stage in their life often experience. Research has shown one in 10 women have left work because of symptoms of the menopause, exemplifying the much needed support for women in this area.

Ivana turned to using LYMA supplements, after discovering that they can be used alongside the HRT she was receiving. When she started taking the LYMA Supplement her vitality returned, “It's already made such a profound difference in my life – my energy, my brain focus, my positivity, my hormones, even my joints. Future-proofing ourselves requires investment. I buy designer clothes because they last forever and I'm a huge advocate of ‘buy less and buy better’. I decided that rather than buying things I don't need or going out, I’d do this for my wellbeing.”

For more on how LYMA can support your experience through the menopause, take a look at our Menopause Diaries series with Lisa Snowdon.

Making time for self-care

With Viviane Paxinos, CEO of AllBright

Business woman in menopause portrait

Being a leader means long days and that you are always on, coupled with being a mother to two young children - you can easily forget about that all important self care that we know is pivotal to our career progression, if we are to combat things such as burnout and stress. We’re living in times where 25% of women have or are planning to quit their current jobs because of burnout, compared to 21% of men. This is something AllBright CEO, Viv Paxinos, is acutely aware of in her own career trajectory. She explains that “rushing between meetings and having a packed schedule makes it hard to make time for yourself. But she makes it a point to schedule self-care, whether that is a workout, a walk or making time for a skin routine”

At AllBright, we’ve made strides to encourage women to unplug, recharge, and prioritise self-care beyond the workplace through our ‘Live Well’ pillar. For some, this could look like adopting a daily journaling or reflective practice or for others, like Viv, self-care focuses on recharging and nourishing her body and skin. Viv shares that having access to a clinical-grade at-home laser gives you the opportunity to fit in some ‘me-time’ around a busy routine that rejuvenates your skin.

No more secrets, no more questioning our abilities, no more wondering how she does it. LYMA is science-powered wellness giving you the stamina to build that brand, and the skin to put your best face forward.

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