The LYMA Supplement Made Lizzie Look So Young She Got ID’d

39 and still getting ID'd for a bottle of wine? That's the LYMA advantage.

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If you want a great takeaway about how effective LYMA is, try this. At the age of 39, Lizzie couldn’t buy a bottle of wine the other day because she didn’t have her ID on her. “They said they didn’t believe I was over 21!” she says, laughing. “It’s a nice compliment.”

Lizzie started taking LYMA because she was looking for a beauty shake-up. “I chopped my hair really, really short about six months ago,” she explains. “If I showed you a before picture it’s quite shocking.” She had been suffering issues with the quality of her hair, but says since taking LYMA, her hair has improved beyond recognition.

The results, she says, have been amazing, and not just in how much it’s grown in such a short period of time. “My hairdresser was so impressed to see the strength, volume and texture of my hair has massively changed. It’s a huge improvement.” But it’s not just her hair that’s changed: she’s seen her nails transform too. “They’re so long now! And strong. They used to be quite weak.”

Her skin, too, has undergone changes: “My skin has definitely improved. Just the complexion is a lot smoother, and my lines have definitely faded out a little bit,” she explains. “I feel the texture as well, it’s more rejuvenated and hydrated.” She says that travel used to be very hard on her skin, leaving it dry, but now she never suffers from dryness at all.

She even recommended LYMA to her best friend, who said her friend’s hairdresser was also astonished by the change. “He couldn’t believe how thick and shiny it’s already got - because her hair is quite fine - and suddenly she’s got a lot more volume and thickness," she explains. “And obviously it’s from LYMA, as she doesn’t take any other supplements.”

Would she recommend LYMA? Absolutely. “You don’t have to stop as you get older. I think you should carry on taking care of yourself, taking your supplements. Actually, it’s more important as you get older,” she says. “I’m definitely continuing to take LYMA.” Though she will make sure she has her ID with her in future.

How does the LYMA Supplement work?

Most supplements out there on the market today are a placebo: they use ingredients with no medical evidence to back up their efficacy, in amounts that vary per capsule, in forms that aren’t necessarily bioavailable and therefore useable by the body.

This is what we wanted to tackle: a market full of options that don’t seem to work. No more trying to devise a cocktail of perfect supplements from the shelves of your local shop. Our beautiful capsules come to your door once a month, and manage to truly supplement your health in ways a healthy diet can’t and any other supplement could never manage to do. Whether it’s your immune system, mood, sleep or physical appearance, the LYMA Supplement’s combination of patented, clinically trialled and proven ingredients are the product of top scientists figuring out how to give you a real advantage in life.

How does the LYMA Supplement help with beauty?

Our Supplement features a patented ingredient proven to have benefits for your hair, nails and skin. Cynatine HNS is a patented version of keratin, derived from sources that match human amino profiles and therefore is easier for the body to absorb and use. This means: stronger nails, smoother skin, and luscious hair.


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