Meet LYMA's Exceptionals: the people who show you what our Supplement can do

Three LYMA devotees, who do exceptional things, show how the latter is impossible without the former

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LYMA is devoted to producing exceptional results for exceptional people, making their lives even better than they could imagine. Whether it’s a mum and Renaissance woman in London, an up-and-coming poet, or a Nordic explorer, our Supplement and Laser can make the lives of titans easier by virtue of tackling the roots, and symptoms, of chronic inflammation.

Inge Sollheim, Laura Bailey and Luke Smith are all long-time users of LYMA, and long-time evangelists for what it can do. We went exploring with Inge, went behind closed doors with Laura, and smithed words with Luke to learn more about how they perform at their best, and how they got to the place they’re at today.

Inge Solheim

If you’re famous and you want to explore the wilds of the world, you turn to Inge Solheim: one of the world’s leading adventure guides, he is passionate about helping everyone explore the outdoors and achieve remarkable feats.

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Laura Bailey

Few people embody LYMA more than Laura Bailey, a long-time fan of LYMA’s Supplement and Laser. A creative powerhouse, her work has entered the worlds of art, fashion, film, sport, activism and philanthropy.

We wanted to show how a modern-day Renaissance Woman operates, spins all these plates, and how it feels to be at the top of your game.

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Luke Smith

Actor, poet, musician, writer: it would be easier to list all the things Luke Smith can’t do. Raised in a creative family in Northwest London, the Smiths are no stranger to the creative industries: his sister Zadie is one of the nation’s most lauded novelists, and Doc Brown one of our most celebrated comedians (among other pursuits.)

“I came from a household where creativity wasn't frowned upon,” explained Smith when we spoke to him around his Exceptional shoot. “Being able to express yourself was nurtured and championed.”

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