How Emma Skeates Found Balance in the Menopause With LYMA

Emma is evangelical about what LYMA can do for menopausal women.

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Don’t get Emma Skeates started on sleep. Actually, you absolutely should: she is evangelical about what the LYMA Supplement has done for her shuteye. “It’s really hard to explain to somebody who doesn’t understand, but I know a lot of people will. I used to dread going to bed at night, and I used to dread getting up, because I was exhausted.” With LYMA, she says, she not only gets more sleep, but also a better quality of sleep, completely different to that which she might be getting if she took a sleeping pill. “You look forward to going to bed at night because you know you’re going to drift into this incredible, 20-year-old's sleep. It is a gift. And I cannot even begin to tell you how vital and life changing that is.”

Emma came to LYMA through two different routes. Following a hysterectomy, she was recommended LYMA by a friend “because my joints started to slightly give up going into early menopause, and LYMA is essentially an anti-inflammatory for your entire body.” Entering the menopause following the hysterectomy was softened by HRT, but her GP took her off it after five years and that was when the symptoms really hit: “anxiety, insomnia, joint aching, hot flushes that are just horrible,” she laments. “But it was the depression, it was the low moods, it was lack of libido. I was a different person. I was unrecognisable to myself, but also to my family.” This was when she decided something needed to be done, and a menopause expert got her back on HRT and also recommended she support with the LYMA Supplement too.

Almost immediately her hot flushes disappeared, but the change to her mental health was what she found particularly notable. “Before I was fairly housebound. I would take the dog for a walk, but that was about it,” she admits. But now “my anxiety levels have dropped dramatically. My mood swings have disappeared.” She credits this, again, to the improvement in sleep quality. “It is like nothing I can describe. It is game changing.”

With improved sleep and all the other incremental benefits delivered by the LYMA formula, Emma says she has also seen her immunity improved. “I’m the only member of my family not to get COVID, interestingly, and I can’t remember the last time I had a cold”. All kinds of aches and pains from a life spent running half marathons and marathons have also disappeared. “I had to stop running because my knees were pretty shot,” she explains, “but my knees don’t hurt anymore. My hips don’t hurt anymore. I have had a frozen shoulder for about five years; I don’t get any pain from that anymore.” In fact, she says, she does not take any painkillers anymore.

With her sleep improved, Emma is also amazed at how much easier it is to make healthy choices. “I’ve lost three and a half stone since I started taking LYMA. I put that down, once again, to being able to sleep. When you’re tired you’re hungry, you comfort eat, you crave sugar.” Before taking LYMA, she says, she was pre-diabetic. “I’ve managed to stop type two diabetes in its tracks,” she says. The weight has vanished off her abdomen, (“that’s where you get your bowl cancers,” she says, mindful that her family has a history of this disease) and now, when she does blood tests, they come back clear. “I feel 100 times better.”

LYMA, Emma feels, has been an angel on her shoulder. “It’s almost like having someone tap you on the shoulder from time to time and saying: 'let's do something good today.' Let's go for a nice walk in the sunshine. Let's perhaps go for a swim.” A guide, she says, that gently chides her not to fall into bad habits if she’s making such a conscious effort to look after her body. “It is interesting how my mindset around my body, my health, my mental health, has changed so dramatically. I put that down to not just taking LYMA but the effects that LYMA has. And it starts with the sleep.”

Emma won’t deny LYMA is an expense, but she says it’s a case of balancing out its cost against other forms of self-care. “My roots, my nails, my self care would normally cost me - and I would argue with any woman - about 100 pounds, 150 pounds per month” She used to spend two and a half hours getting her roots done for £150. Now she does it herself for £20. “And that's my LYMA.”

How does the LYMA Supplement work?

Most supplements out there on the market today are a placebo: they use ingredients with no medical evidence to back up their efficacy, in amounts that vary per capsule, in forms that aren’t necessarily bioavailable and therefore useable by the body.

This is what we wanted to tackle: a market full of options that don’t seem to work. No more trying to devise a cocktail of perfect supplements from the shelves of your local shop. Our beautiful capsules come to your door once a month, and manage to truly supplement your health in ways a healthy diet can’t and any other supplement could never manage to do. Whether it’s your immune system, mood, sleep or physical appearance, the LYMA Supplement’s combination of patented, clinically trialled and proven ingredients are the product of top scientists figuring out how to give you a real advantage in life.

How does LYMA help with menopause?

The menopause can be a challenging time for some people. Many women experiencing the subsequent symptoms have gone on to find LYMA is an effective solution to the hot flushes, sleeplessnesses, changes in mood, and more.

To learn more, check out our page on coping with the menopause via LYMA.

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