The 5 Best Health and Wellbeing Apps, to Help You Find Balance

We’re always on the lookout for new ways to boost our health and wellbeing at LYMA.

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We’re always on the lookout for new ways to boost our health and wellbeing at LYMA. Whether you’re looking to boost your fitness, find some calm, track your sleep, understand your monthly cycle or improve your productivity, there is an app that can help you to achieve your health goals.

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We’re glued to our smartphones all day long, so why not use yours to improve your wellbeing? Health and wellbeing apps can make it convenient for you to find time for yourself when life gets hectic. Keeping on top of your physical and mental wellbeing has never been easier.

Read on for our list of the best health and wellbeing apps to download now:

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Best for home workouts: Nike Training Club

Nike Training Club (NTC) provides over 190 workouts ranging from bodyweight-only sessions and full-equipment home workouts to invigorating yoga classes and targeted training plans.

Workout plans cater to all levels of fitness, are completely free, and can be doable from the comfort of your living room . Routines and sequences are led by world-class Nike Master Trainers and range in length from 15-45 minutes, depending on your schedule and goals.

All you have to do is input your information, let the app know what your health and fitness goals are and, voila, NTC will pull together a 4-6 week bespoke training plan just for you.

If you’re looking for great results and a fully flexible, customisable workout plan then download the NTC app today.

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Best for 360° fitness: WHOOP

The WHOOP system is built on the premise that you are not an athlete only when you’re training, but 24 hours a day. To use the app, you’ll need a WHOOP strap which collects biometric data all day long, and analyses your performance, to help you train smarter, determine when you need to rest, manage physical output and optimise your sleep and recovery patterns.

WHOOP tracks physiological markers such as Heart Rate Variability and Resting Heart Rate to personalise your fitness plan according to your readiness to perform. WHOOP also measures your exertion while training and utilises this data to help determine how much rest you need. The app makes clever use of machine learning: the more it learns about you and your body, the more attuned its recommendations become to your unique physiology.

The app also has a journal feature and a strong emphasis on community-building and social networking based on personal interests and preferred activities.

For personalised performance insights, and to join an established network of like minded fitness enthusiasts, try WHOOP. Packages start from as little as $30.

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Best for boosting your productivity: Noisili

Noisili curates and delivers background noises specifically geared towards improving your focus and boosting your productivity .

Background noise is a problem whether working from home or in an office environment and constant interruptions inhibit focus, increase stress and lower productivity. To remedy this, you can tap into one of Noisili’s specifically designed playlists, or you can create your own bespoke soundtrack by mixing and matching their concentration-enhancing tunes, adjusting each track’s tempo and volume so you’re left with a playlist that is totally your own. The app’s ‘Timer’ feature helps you to set a limit on your productivity-block to avoid burnout.

Noisili also has playlists designed to help you to sleep, to relax, to motivate you and to aid creative thinking.

Plans range from a single-user basic package which is free to use, to a business package which will set you back $24 per month for two people. With the business package you’ll benefit from unlimited streaming, uncapped listening time and bonus team management features.

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Best for finding calm: Headspace

Headspace promises to help you to live a healthier, happier, more well-rested life in just a few minutes a day.

The app encourages users to take a moment each and every day to breathe by offering manageable bite-sized guided meditations. It’s great for beginners, and equally well-loved by experienced meditators.

The app was started by entrepreneurs Andy Puddicombe and Richard Pierson in 2010 and has been credited with bringing meditation to the masses. Their basic package is free and is great if you’re just getting started with mindfulness - it provides a really great introduction to meditation and holds your hand as you become better acquainted with your breath.

Headspace Plus - which we’d recommend as it has longer meditations and additional features - is priced at £49.99 per year. Additional features when you sign up to their premium package include yoga classes when the app is set to ‘Move Mode’, daily inspiration in the form of tips and stories when you subscribe to ‘The Wake Up’, and a pretty good sleep cycle tracking function complete with sleep exercises and bedtime sounds. Headspace Plus is currently free if you’re unemployed.

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Best for tracking your monthly cycle: Clue

The number one doctor-recommended cycle tracking app has revolutionised the way women experience their menstrual cycles. As well as helping women to accurately predict where they are in their cycle, Clue can be used as an ovulation tracker, fertility app, birth control pill reminder and symptom tracker. Inputting your data month on month can help to shed light on physiological and mental patterns that arise with your unique cycle, and to ascertain whether you might be suffering from a hormone imbalance.

The app displays your tracked data in a clear and digestible format, making it easy to work out what’s going on in your body. There is also a plethora of articles on subjects as varied as when in your cycle you can expect glowing skin, to why some women might experience low mood around the time of ovulation. Clue also helps you to understand how and what you should be eating throughout the month, and how you should be moving your body depending on which menstrual phase you find yourself in.

The app and all its features are completely free.

All of these apps can support you in your journey to feeling your best so feel free to pick and mix the ones that best support your individual lifestyle and unique wellness goals. At LYMA we believe in holistic wellbeing. If you’re eating right, sleeping right, moving and meditating regularly, and supplementing smartly then you’re on the right track. For ultimate balance and improved health try a daily dose of LYMA. Our patented ingredients have been formulated to bring you ultimate health and vitality and to restore you to your most confident and powerful self.

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