What You Need to Know About Your Daily Maintenance Dose of Vitamin D

Vitamin D dosage is a hot topic during the pandemic. We talk to the experts to find out why.

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21.12.21 (Updated 12.10.22)

Vitamin D: Death-defying miracle or is there such a thing as too much?

Throughout the rise of COVID-19 and its variants, there has been frequent conversation about whether Vitamin D supplementation is helpful for protecting people from either the virus itself, or in lessening its impact if you catch it.

But there has been much more than just discussion: there has also been cold, hard science.

At LYMA we are serious about evidence-based wellness and are pro Vitamin D for all round general health - hence why the powerful, proven Vita-algae D3 is one of our hero ingredients, dosed at 2,000 i.u. (the optimal level proven by clinical trials).

We are glad to see science is now also backing Vitamin D in the fight against the pandemic: a study published by The Royal Society noted that "evidence linking Vitamin D deficiency with COVID-19 severity is circumstantial but considerable." Whilst another found that the countries in Europe with lower Vitamin D rates also had higher COVID-19 death rates.

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The relationship between Vitamin D and Vitamin K2

Dr John Campbell, retired nurse educator, has been vocal on the subject, drawing from a peer-reviewed MDPI Nutrients study which has attracted much online attention.

Campbell draws attention to the fact that low Vitamin D levels can be connected to viral lung infections, chronic inflammatory diseases, autoimmune diseases, multiple sclerosis and more.

"The report also confirms Vitamin D is needed by our body to strengthen its immune system. "

Campbell also confirms that Vitamin K2 plays a vital role in the efficacy of supplementary Vitamin D.

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Vitamin D daily maintenance dose. What you need to know.

The conclusion of the study is that Britons need much more Vitamin D than is currently recommended.

The report suggests the Vitamin D maintenance dose may need to be at the higher end for certain groups:

  • If you live in the northern parts of the world, and get less sun exposure.
  • If you're elderly, or spend more time indoors during the day.
  • People with highly melanated skin, including Black Britons.
    Why? “People with a naturally dark skin tone have natural sun protection and require at least three to five times longer exposure to make the same amount of vitamin D as a person with a white skin tone," Dr Ingrid Wilson, Director of Crewe Hair and Skin Clinic in Cheshire, explained in our guide to the best skincare for black skin.

Vitamin K2 - Should it be part of your Vitamin D stack?

Vitamin K2 will take any calcium and prevent it from going from the blood into tissue (and provide a healthy amount to bones.) By doing this, it prevents unnecessary calcification.

"If you are trying to improve skeletal health, K and D work together."

Prof. Paul Clayton, Leading Scientist in Personal and Preventative Medicine

"Vitamin D improves the uptake of calcium and magnesium, and then the K helps to build those elements into bone.

"If you are aiming at immune health, D and K work together in a different way," he says. "D improves certain aspects of innate and adaptive immunity, K adds some anti-inflammatory benefits."

The NHS suggests that you should be able to get "all the vitamin K you need by eating a varied and balanced diet." Dr Campbell recommends supplementing with additional Vitamin K if you're increasing the amount of Vitamin D you are taking.

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