What is Biohacking?

Biohacking is a fairly new concept that could lead to major changes in our life.

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People refer to it as “do-it-your-self biology” but as yet there’s no conclusive definition of what exactly it is.

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Typically “biohackers” focus on areas like sleep, nutrition, breathing and movement to increase their human potential.

The premise behind biohacking is either to live longer or perform and function better. Sound good? In order to live longer we must try to reduce inflammation which in turn protect cells. This process can help to slow down the ageing process, enabling us to perform better with optimal brain function.

Biohacking can not be described as a fad diet or new exercise routine. It has become a prime technique to reconnect our brains to our nervous system by hacking into our biology. LYMA could be considered a superior bio hack in many respects due to its patented formula which contains such powerful ingredients. LYMA has been described as an anti inflammatory upgrade.

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Where did biohacking come from?

There is no real true inventor of biohacking due to its broad nature although certain people such as Manfred Clynes - a scientist and inventor in the 1960s - suggested drugs and mechanical enhancements as a way to make life in space possible. This idea lead to experiments on the human body to improve physical and mental ability. Of recent years people such as Dave Asprey have been attributed with biohacking with his most popular hack “bullet proof coffee”. He claims that the mix of caffeine and MCT oils can increase cognitive function and overall ability to focus, amongst other benefits. People have clearly seen amazing results.

What are nutrigenomics?

This is a fusion of nutrition and genomics and focuses on how our diet impacts on our genes. We clearly know that what we eat effects our genes, mood and function. A lack of certain nutrients can lead to an increased risk of DNA damage and genes can influence the bioavailability of food and how we absorb nutrients. All humans are different and Nutrigenomics understand and work with that in mind.

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Nutrigenomics can help answer specific dietary questions such as whether to transition to a low-carb diet, what foods will help to fuel longevity and help decrease other health problems such as diabetes, high blood pressure and obesity.

What about sleep?

Sleep is king when it comes to recovery well-being and overall health. Sleep deprivation can weaken the immune system, increase anxiety, lethargy, and appetite. Without quality sleep you can never be at your best.

Many people have tried to “hack” their way into a quality sleep pattern but some simple bio hacks would be to avoid using your phone in bed, avoid caffeine or alcohol close to bed time and sleep in as dark a room as possible. LYMA’s ingredients become real star players here, also.

LYMA’s ashwagandha is a powerful adaptogen that reduces stress and anxiety, with a calming effect which can help induce deeper and more restful sleep. It’s a quality ingredient primed to illicit optimal results. Our clients often describe deep, quality sleep within a few weeks of supplementing.

LYMA’s HydroCurc contains high quality and extremely bioavailable curcumin, the powerful antioxidant extracted from turmeric. HydroCurc is at the heart of cellular health, anti-inflammatory and protects our DNA from damage and also has a great effect on positivity and mood. This makes HydroCurc a must “biohack” for longevity and optimal performance.

The takeaway? Bio hacking can improve every area of life. Choosing a clinically proven upgrade like LYMA is a wise move if you’re looking to feel optimal and at your absolute best. It’s the ultimate supplement.

"I've spent the past decade trying to find the cure for PMS - and here it is. No more sluggishness, fatigue or bloating, and I definitely feel both more alert during the day and more rested when I wake. Add to that the fact that I've not come down with a single bug since I've been taking it, and I'm a convert. LYMA lives up to the hype, and is worth every penny."

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