LYMA Skincare:
How It Works

Discover how our geneticists cracked the skin aging code. LYMA Skincare, powered by Genoloytic technology is the most powerful epigenetic skin science in existence.

To understand how LYMA Skincare works, you first have to understand the 8 mechanisms of skin aging

Why LYMA Skincare, powered by Genolytic™ technology sets a new standard

An epigenetic breakthrough

Most products simply care for dead and damaged skin cells. They don't nourish the living cells. LYMA Skincare empowered by Genolytics™ empowers your skin's living cells, from the epidermis to the dermis.

Addresses eight mechanisms of aging

Most products are designed to treat an existing skin defect, not target its underlying causes. LYMA Skincare empowered by Genolytics™ prevents the causes of skin conditions and aging, at a cellular level.

Two step protocol

Applying multiple creams in the hope of a combined benefit is an ingrained behaviour. Often resulting in ingredients cancelling each other out. LYMA Skincare empowered by Genolytics™ is a (derma) intervention that targets all 8 mechanisms of skin aging.

More than a moisturiser

Most skincare products only hydrate the skin's epidermal layer, to make it appear more puffed up. LYMA Skincare empowered by Genolytics™ delivers the right ingredients to each skin layer; empowering the cells.

Skin Depth



The eight mechanisms of skin aging explained

Dr Graeme Glass PhD, explains how traditional skincare only tackles the visible signs of aging, and how LYMA Skincare is the first formulation engineered to reverse the root causes of skin aging.

How LYMA Skincare, powered by Genolytics™ technology, reverses the aging process

Geno: derived from genomic (the study of genes).
Lytics: derived from senolytics (to increase longevity)

Genolytic™ is a breakthrough technology developed to significantly counter the causes and effects of aging.

Genolytic™ is the first skin science to disrupt the skin's aging process by aiding DNA methylation and regulating gene expression.

Genolytic™ technology delivers measurable results in the short and long-term. It increases skin's cell renewal, circulation, hydration and barrier-strength while also slowing the epigenetic clock. Instead of dying off in greater numbers, cells are empowered and regenerated for long-term disruption of the aging process.

Ingredient innovation

Ingredient innovation

State-of-the-art patented, cosmeceutical ingredients at doses proven to work.
Powered by LYMA's patented subcuticle delivery system to act on every layer of your skin.

State-of-the-art patented, cosmeceutical ingredients at doses proven to work. Powered by LYMA's patented subcuticle delivery system to act on every layer of your skin.

Your LYMA Skincare Journey

Days Weeks Months Beyond

How long will it take

This bioactive protocol is engineered to empower all layers of the skin simultaneously. Working in synergy with the skin's 12-week cycle, the first month you will notice superficial benefits. Increased hydration in the epidermis results in smoother looking skin. Pores will become less visible, and skin looks vibrant.

Targeting the 80% of dermal cells that other products cannot reach, real change is taking effect beneath the surface as LYMA's patented subcuticle delivery system takes effect. This dermatological intervention engages aging cells, taking instruction to redigest, and make way for new 'working' cells. Your skin will start to look more alive and energized.

The eight mechanisms of skin aging are starting to reverse. Your cells are starting to produce more collagen and elastin, strengthening the extra cellular matrix. As your skin's immune function is boosted, redness starts to fade to reveal an even skin tone. Increased micro-circulation boosts nutrient and oxygen update to reveal a fresher, plumper skin texture.

LYMA's Genolytic™ technology has empowered your skin at all levels. Cells are regenerated to provide aesthetic results, as well as long term protection against skin conditions and aging. Fine lines and wrinkles are fading, and your skin looks visibly firmer - the best it's looked in years.

How Does LYMA Skincare Compare

LYMA Skincare Retinol Vitamin C Peptides Moisturisers

The Facts

LYMA Skincare powered by Genolytics™ sets the new standard

The most powerful epigenetic skin science in existence

World's first bioactive protocol to empower all layers of the skin simultaneously

Patented subcuticle delivery system to penetrate down to the dermis

A dermatological intervention, not a traditional beauty cream or skincare treatment

Interrupts and reverses the eight mechanisms of skin aging

Exceeds skincare standards - a dermatological breakthrough

"This is a revolution in skincare.
The results are extraordinary."

Dr Graeme E Glass, Craniofacial and Plastic surgeon, Associate Professor of Clinical Surgery

Your Questions about LYMA Skincare

What makes LYMA Skincare unlike any other product on the market?

While conventional skincare aims to reverse the signs of aging, LYMA Skincare's bioactive formula is the first to target the 8 underlying mechanisms of aging, reversing the process and regenerating through all layers of the skin. Developed by an expert team of plastic surgeons, dermatologists, biochemists, and geneticists, LYMA Skincare's bioactive formula works on the remaining 80% of living skin cells that traditional skincare isn't able to reach, transforming the skin at every layer,

Is LYMA Skincare suitable for my skin?

LYMA Skincare has been dermatologically tested and is safe to use on all skin tones and all skin types.

What skin concerns does LYMA Skincare target?

Common skin concerns associated with aging include wrinkles and fine lines, dark circles, redness, pigmentation, a loss of elasticity and volume, dullness, and dryness. LYMA Skincare is the first protocol to address those symptoms by targeting the underlying mechanisms that cause them.

Why does LYMA Skincare have a slightly herby, medicinal scent?

LYMA Skincare is the most active protocol in existence and some of these beneficial ingredients naturally have an aroma. Disguising them would require the addition of synthetic perfumes which can cause irritation or hormonal imbalances in the skin. LYMA Skincare uses thyme oil as a stabilizer which adds to the formula's distinctive scent.

Will LYMA Skincare help to clear up my acne?

Although LYMA Skincare isn't formulated to treat acne, it boosts microcirculation, collagen production, hydration, reduces inflammation and promotes a healthy microbiome, all of which may have a positive impact on active acne and acne scarring. For a more targeted approach, we recommend using the LYMA Laser along with the LYMA Oxygen Mist and Glide.

Will LYMA Skincare help lighten my dark spots and hyperpigmentation?

LYMA Skincare is formulated to accelerate skin renewal and eradicate dead and senescent cells, which in turn helps to improve the appearance of dark spots and hyperpigmentation.

Does LYMA Skincare contain vitamin C?

LYMA Skincare is formulated with potent antioxidants such as MitoPrime® which prevents cellular damage at an exponentially higher rate than vitamin C.

Do I need to use a retinol with LYMA Skincare?

No. LYMA Skincare already contains Retinyl Palmitate and Bakuchiol, both of which increase the skin's cell turnover to unclog pores and boost collagen production for a fresher, plumper appearance without the side effects commonly associated with retinols, including irritation, redness and flaking.

Does LYMA Skincare contain peptides?

Yes, LYMA Skincare is formulated with Telangyn™, a patented peptide specifically designed to calm facial redness, reduce inflammation and inhibit collagen breakdown, which helps to rebuild the ECM (Extra Cellular Matrix) and slow skin aging. Like all peptides, Telangyn™ has water-binding properties which help to hydrate and smooth the skin.

Does LYMA Skincare contain hyaluronic acid?

Yes, LYMA Skincare contains PrimaHyal™ 50, a patented hydrolyzed form of the humectant, hyaluronic acid. Unlike standard hyaluronic acid however, its low molecular weight allows it to penetrate far deeper into the skin, making it far more effective at boosting hydration and encouraging moisture retention.


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