5 Top Tips To Achieve Natural Body and Mind Balance In Your Life.

LYMA's expert tips on how to achieve your best body and mind.

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1. Step up your training

Try not to run like a headless chicken, doing all sorts of fitness classes or exercising three times a day. Instead, stick to a plan of deadlifts, push and pull movements, sled pushes and animalistic movements. Make sure you are structurally balanced and keeping your technique super strict. For motivation you should try and arrange sessions with a friend for added support or check out our article on how to exercise from home.

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2. Hydrate to the max

Hydrate and keep a bottle of water with you at all times if you can. The solution to pollution is dilution. Lemon and lime in water is great too - sometimes it’s great to stabilize blood sugar after a dessert.

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3. Keep sugar to a minimum

Even though you may not be eating a diet of chocolate and cakes, fruits like mango, grapes and oranges (especially in juice form) contain high levels of fruit sugars that can really keep the tummy fat on. White fish, fibrous carbs and green veg remain my favorites for meals. Berries are a great food for dessert, and cinnamon is a great blood sugar stabilizer, so if you have indulged, have some in water afterwards.

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4. Don't stress

Sometimes, making plans or seeing people that bring your energy down is a big no no. Remember there is a difference between being socially selective and being antisocial. It can cause unwanted stressors in your day to day life. If you are hating your job, your relationship or training too much you really need to have a chat with yourself and ask yourself if it’s really worth the hassle. It’s not going to have a good effect on your optimal potential. Try a sound bath and massage once a week if you can and wake up in the morning listening to classical music - It really helps.

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5. Supplement smartly

LYMA is next level and was designed to decrease stress and inflammation in the body. It’s used by everyone from A list actors to sporting greats and supermodels to the biggest business minds and entrepreneurs in the world. If you are looking to reduce stress, anxiety and increase beauty and performance, LYMA is the ultimate luxury supplement.

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