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14.07.21 (Updated 23.05.23)

The quest for tighter skin doesn’t stop at the neck and although the focus is often on the face, many of us are looking to target loose skin on our bodies too. Whether it be from weight loss or multiple pregnancies, skin that’s been stretched, doesn’t always ping exactly back into place and anyone who’s dared look down whilst holding a plank position in their underwear, will have seen the evidence. Loss of elasticity in the stomach skin is a natural ageing process due to the loss of collagen and elastin over time, which is a concern for most men and women as they get older.

Skin tightening chin

Skin tightening treatments for stomach are on the rise.

The global body firming creams market has just exceeded $2 billion; we are a world nation wanting to tighten things up. Be that through skin tightening lotions, lifting serums or body contouring creams, non-surgical skin tightening is high on our collective agenda.

However, many of these wonder products over promise and under deliver so at the other end of the skin tightening spectrum, are body sculpting surgical procedures. Members of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons are reporting higher surgery numbers than pre-pandemic, ahead of our imminent summer of freedom. Growing at a rate of 3.1% annually, the US domestic plastic surgery industry has a projected global valuation of $67 billion by 2026. There’s no denying though, that in-clinic treatments and surgical procedures (E.g. laser resurfacing) still require serious consideration. Pain, swelling, downtime and significant cost spread across multiple sessions, still don’t guarantee a permanent solution to skin tightening.

Hand skin laser skin tightening

Non-surgical skin tightening at its best.

Leaving the lotions and scalpels firmly behind, the latest buzz for non-surgical skin tightening is to stimulate the body's own creation of new collagen and elastin through focused laser light energy. Laser treatment to tighten stomach skin can be carried out in-clinic but The LYMA Laser represents the next frontier of skin tightening treatments, matching all the results of a professional procedure but none of the pain. The clinic-grade coherent light in The LYMA Laser has the exact power density required to cause bio-stimulation whereby the light interacts with human skin cells. This scientific occurrence, called laser speckle, amplifies the skin’s ability to rejuvenate, using the light energy to revitalise living cells within even the deepest layers.

And what’s more, it was discovered purely by chance.

“The LYMA Laser technology was never actually intended for skin, it was developed to deal with issues that are going on beneath the skin’s surface,” explains LYMA founder Lucy Goff. “Our head scientist Dr Paul Clayton, discovered it purely by accident when he was in Germany looking at a man's knees that were being treated with low-level laser therapy to rebuild cartilage. This technology has been used for decades in hospitals to rebuild cartilage, heal tendons, reduce inflammation and deal with joint issues, all from a physiotherapy approach. Prof Clayton was looking at the patient’s knee that had been treated with the laser and noticed the skin looked about 20 years younger than his other knee! That’s when he realised the power of this technology and we knew the LYMA Laser could be revolutionary for the cosmetic industry.”

Laser face skin tightening

Non invasive skin tightening for stomach.

Now the LYMA Laser is achieving astonishing results on stomach skin tightening, stretch marks, sagging skin on the knees, under arms and even rejuvenating skin on the backs of the hands. The near infrared 500 milliwatt Laser is being used to transform the skin without damaging it in the process, making it an ideal full body sculpting treatment. “Creams are not fast, surgery is fast and painful, but the LYMA Laser is the natural treatment for skin tightening without surgery,” explains Goff. “It’s the ultimate head-to-toe skin tightening solution.”

Does LYMA Laser tighten skin? Check our real-life results.

The LYMA Laser is now receiving international acclaim for its ability to improve the texture and firmness of skin all over the body. Customers are reporting their skin is tighter, smoother, noticeably rejuvenated and even historical scar tissue reversed.

Jo: This Laser is amazing. It definitely does exactly what is says it does. I've been using it for weeks and I am amazed at how firm my skin is. My dark spots are already starting to fade. As far as the price, each year I would normally have a skin tightening treatment done called Ultherapy which was about the same price but less noticeable results and painful. Very happy with this purchase.”


See below a before and after photo of LYMA Laser skin tightening on knees.

Before after skin tightening


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