Introducing the up and Coming Facialist Crystal Greene

She’s the best thing to happen to skin since Hyaluronic Acid.

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By the time someone’s been deemed ‘up and coming’, they’ve usually ‘peaked and went’. Suffice to say, when you read about them in the culture pages, so does everyone else, thus getting an appointment is about as likely as a Taylor Swift showticket. Crystal Greene is so new that you’re even ahead of the New York Times, (there’s a first). She’s an extremely intuitive and gifted facialist, an expert serum apothecary and she’s just opened up her skin studio on Sixth Avenue, New York. If you're a woman or man of colour, or anyone who has skin for that matter, you need to know about her.

What makes Crystal so unique? Her hands - there’s something otherworldly going on there. She relies on them to reawaken skin, stimulate lymphatic drainage, bolster barrier repair and if anyone’s going to excavate your cheekbones, it’s her. Wholly dedicated to the traditional practices of holistic skin health, her distinct disregard for any faddy gadgetry or new hi-tech skin techniques makes her the perfect potential convert to the LYMA Laser, (we love a challenge). But can ancient philosophy work alongside future skin technology?

LYMA red laser black skin woman face

You don’t believe in skin gadgets, so what on earth made you try the LYMA Laser?

“When Joanna Czech explained this was the world’s first cold laser, it sparked my interest. The LYMA Laser is so aesthetically beautiful, I was drawn to it and just curious to know more. Then I saw that In Fiore founder Julie Elliott designed an expert protocol with the LYMA Laser and that was the tipping point. I am such a huge fan of Julie, I admire and have so much respect for her that anything she gives her stamp of approval, I totally trust. I don't say that lightly because I’m not influenced by a lot of people but when it comes to skin, Julie Elliott is ‘The One’.”

Have you found any skincare gadgets that you like?

“I like cryo sticks and cold therapies and I’ve tried the ZIIP Beauty Nanocurrent Skincare Device and I even had an LED face light for a while but then I lost a component piece of it and have been unable to use it ever since. I’m not totally against them but when I’m looking for a skin gadget, I'm looking for game-changing innovation and all the LED masks just seem the same to me. It has to be something unexpected and exciting and I felt the LYMA Laser could be just that.”

“This is the laser for people of colour”

LYMA multiple red lasers

What have you been using the Laser to treat?

“As a woman of colour, hyperpigmentation is something I’ve always dealt with. Sometimes I don’t even know where it comes from and as I get older my body doesn't heal as quickly as it used to, so dark patches take longer to fade. The pigmentation in black skin means that any amount of trauma like a squeezed spot will create hyperpigmentation and the more astringent acids and retinoids are often too aggressive for my skin. The LYMA Laser is perfectly designed to treat darker skin by re-energising that flagging cellular communication, and with no thermal damage? Let me tell you, this is the laser for people of colour.”

What were your expectations of how long the Laser results take?

“All good dermatologists will tell you to give any new skincare products or gadgets a full ninety days of consistent use. Slow and steady wins the race and everything needs that chance. I never expect immediate results but I have been surprised by the Laser; even after just a week I saw distinct improvements in my hyperpigmentation but also in the tone and tightness of my skin. When something works for me and I can see the results for myself, I stick to it.”

This is Crystal Green

What has surprised you most about using the Laser every day?

“Gadgets often feel like an extra step but the LYMA Laser is seamless. I’ve been using it on myself for three months now and I love that there are no strict instructions or app to follow and you don’t even have to be in the mirror to use it. I’m on the sofa or in my bed, it’s freestyle. I always use it in the evening after the cleansing phase with a custom serum or In Fiore Fleur Vibrante because serums give the Laser a beautiful glide. I glide and glide, then pause over my eleven lines and hyperpigmentation, then glide on again. I love to use the Laser after a long day at work treating others, I slow down, focus on myself and take my time. I don’t consider skincare a routine; I only have a few steps and enjoy it. Right now, I’m using the Laser for 20-30 minutes, five days per week - it's become a staple and honestly, a non-negotiable.”

Could the LYMA Laser be the first ever gadget to make it into your studio practice?

“Absolutely, yes. I’ve developed great trust with my clients and they know how particular I am. They know I have to fully believe in something and it has to resonate with me. I knew I wanted to bring something into my practice, not another LED gadget because they just don't seem exciting to me, it had to be something truly innovative. Now I’ve discovered LYMA, I know it’s the right fit and my clients will be just as impressed with it as I am.”

Crystal has designed a 60 minute bespoke facial incorporating the LYMA Laser and will be rolling it out to her clients from spring 2023. To find out more about LA SCULPTURE X LYMA visit here.



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