Czech Please! Hollywood’s Finest Facialist Just Launched Her Best Laser Facial Yet

Taking skin from lacklustre to luminous is all in a day’s work for A-list aesthetician, Joanna Czech

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When it comes to red carpet skin confidence, Joanna Czech is the only number on the A-list’s speed dial. Her universal success at transforming the overtreated, stressed, sensitive skins of her dedicated elite, makes her much beloved. But after decades of using every skincare formulation and beauty device in existence, she’s pushing the needle by developing a brand new bespoke Joanna Czech facial using the LYMA Laser. In true Joanna style, she’s launching this exclusive laser facial treatment this Oscars weekend from her pop-up skin studio in a secluded suite of L’Ermitage Beverly Hills, so that Hollywood’s finest faces can get first dibs.

Woman at work: the best tools in the business

Those who haven’t experienced the eponymous Joanna Czech facial technique firsthand, will likely have purchased the Joanna Czech Facial Massager in a bid to recreate her skin wizardry. Massage is a major part of how Czech creates that sculpted, sumptuous skin. Czech loves a skin skin gadget too and will switch seamlessly from ultrasound to microcurrent, slathering on a bespoke serum in-between. But it’s the LYMA Laser that’s achieving remarkable results for both her A-list and in-clinic clients. “The LYMA Laser is the most effective skin tool I know of that’s suitable for at-home use. In my 37 years of experience, I have never seen anything so powerful, or able to deliver such amazing results. With it, you can bring salon skin treatments into your home.”

Rather than traditional laser skin rejuvenation which strictly forbids other aesthetic techniques or skincare, the LYMA Laser enhances every other effort you make with your skin. “For technologies, I love using the LYMA Laser because not only does it tackle all skin issues, helping my clients achieve their skin goals, but it also improves the performance of other products used by pushing other products deeper into the skin. I have seen huge benefits from using the LYMA Laser in combination with my C+ Serum and Soothing Serum,” lauds Czech.

Ahead of the imminent Joanna Czech X LYMA facial we grilled Czech on how to use your LYMA Laser to recreate her results in your own at-home treatment.

LYMA Laser Penny close up red Facial Massager

Q. When you start a facial, what are you looking at?

“What we address in my facials are skin conditions, which are what we acquire through external factors such as UV exposure, climate, and lifestyle. These conditions can be dehydration, premature aging, blemishes, hyperpigmentation, skin redness, etc. Every single facial that I perform is different because not everyone needs the same treatment. I analyze the client's skin on the day of their treatment and then plan my course of action from there. Every client experiences a completely customized facial unique to their skin concerns and goals on any given day.”

Q. How much improvement can facials have on our skin’s appearance?

“I truly believe that good skin is based on 70% of your lifestyle and 30% of your skincare. I like using The LYMA laser because it tackles all major skin concerns and helps my clients achieve their skin goals. There are billions of cells in the dermis which degenerate over time and the LYMA Laser reverses this process by repairing the cells. It reaches the deepest layers of the skin, including fat and muscle, which is why I recommend it for all my clients no matter their age.”

Q. What’s a golden rule of the Joanna Czech facial technique?

“Don’t ever forget to care for your neck, chest and hands. The lipidic layer on the neck and chest is reduced by 30-40 percent, which means these areas have fewer sebaceous glands and will show aging before the face. So, when you take care of your body, always treat your neck, décolleté and hands. Then again, when you take care of your face, include those areas, too. This way, the weaker places get double treatment.” Used consistently over just a few months, the LYMA Laser fades out neck wrinkles and smoothes out any signs of crepey decolletage from sun damage.

Kate Hudson uses the LYMA Laser during her morning facial routine


Our customized LYMA treatment begins with sculpting and lifting manual massage, followed by exfoliation and a combination of targeted serums chosen for your skin's needs on that day. Afterwards, LYMA Laser is used to improve skin elasticity, reduce pigmentation, brighten and push products more deeply into the skin. Each facial will incorporate one or more modalities, which may include various forms of microcurrent, ultrasound, cryotherapy, oxygen infusion, serums as well as masks. Every facial finishes with powerful rejuvenating LED therapy with negative ions.

Joanna Czech’s guide to Oscar worthy skin at home

In search of more guidance? Joanna Czech gives us her step by step guide to getting the most from the LYMA Laser at home.

  • Always start with the LYMA Oxygen Mist. I use about six sprays.

  • Follow with two pumps of LYMA Oxygen Glide. Apply with a nice press and release motion.

  • Turn the laser on. I use very slow movements - 10 minutes on one side of my face, 10 minutes on the other and a final 10 minutes on my neck.

  • To treat a particular area, for instance crow's feet, make sure you’re holding the Laser directly at the area that you are addressing and hold it right there for about 5 minutes.

Be consistent. Do it every single day for about three months. This is what professionals call the cumulative results of a treatment.


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