How the LYMA Laser gave Jo Hickman the ‘necks appeal’ she’d always dreamed of.

"I knew things had to change"

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15.11.22 (Updated 06.07.23)

“The real-life results of the LYMA Laser got me hooked”

“I stole the idea from my daughter!” laughs Jo Hickman, unashamedly. “She was staying with me for a while and told me about this amazing new Laser device that was all over her Instagram feed. She was scrolling through impressive before and after pictures that people were achieving and wondering if she should try it. She’s in her twenties for goodness sake, I’m 62 - quite simply I needed it more!”

“Years of shameless sun worshiping led me to sun damage”

In her youth, Jo didn’t consider how her sun worshipping would manifest further down the line. “During my twenties, I worked in the Alps as a chalet girl and it didn’t cross my mind to use skincare of any kind. Looking back it was terrible; we would slather ourselves in cooking oil to tan quicker, even applying it onto the tops of our heads to get blonde highlights. We didn’t have sun cream back then, it wasn’t a thing but I’m Scottish with celtic fair skin and freckles so I regularly got burnt. Then came my thirties and along with it, marriage and a move to London which is when I woke up and started looking after my skin better. I already had crow’s feet, (something my new husband unceremoniously told me) and a hefty scattering of white sun damage spots on my arms. I knew things had to change”.

Jowls and a crepey neck hit Jo’s confidence hard

Jo comes across as wonderfully ebullient but the subject of her neck seems to be her weak spot. “I’m certainly self-conscious about aging and seeing my entire face shape changing, which I hardly require a deep dive to tell me comes from my mother. Her appearance was very important to her and she had such wariness about getting older, to the point where we as kids would witness her lying about her age and it rubbed off. It’s always been the dreaded jowls and crepey neck that I particularly worried about though. A friend of mine has amazing skin from microneedling, so I was tempted by that but honestly, the pain and downtime put me off. If I’d had the funds for professional in-clinic laser treatment, I might have gone down that route but I discovered the LYMA Laser just in time and saw it as something much more natural and easy.”

LYMA at home lady neck laser

A positive skincare habit worth sticking to

Jo quite literally, put in the neck work and committed to using the LYMA Laser to get the results she was so desperate for. “I was religious with it; I didn’t miss a day. For 3 months, I used the Laser meticulously for at least 30 mins everyday. I’d do five times both ways along my jawline and then down my throat, holding it steady on three different spots and giving deeper wrinkles extra time whenever I could. It wasn’t easy and I had to plan it into my day. I work full time and have a busy social life but I prioritised and committed to my LYMA Laser routine. I’d manage my Laser homework either whilst watching TV in the evenings or by breaking it up into 15 minute slots during each day.”

Laser time made even easier

Having got her LYMA Laser routine down though, Jo encountered an unexpected challenge. “I have arthritis in both my wrists, so at first, it was difficult to use the LYMA Laser for long periods of time. Fortunately, around the same time I started taking the LYMA Supplement which has this powerful new ingredient called Levagen®+ which is proven to bring down inflammation and soothe pain in joints. For years, I’ve been in agony with my hands and fingers, my thumbs continued to throb even with taking doctor recommended glucosamine. But within six weeks of taking the LYMA Supplement, all that pain was gone. I genuinely couldn't believe it and suddenly using the Laser became a cinch.”


LYMA makes laser skin treatment good value for money

What surprised Jo most, was that as well as an investment, the LYMA Laser turned out to be a money saver. “This time last year I was sinking so much money into all these expensive neck creams with huge claims only to find they just made my neck look glossy but didn’t help with sagging skin or wrinkles. I even got a quartz roller but that had little effect too. Many women will already know - the neck is a large area and expensive to cover! What’s more, and something I don’t think I appreciated at first, it has significantly decreased my spend on skincare products. I’ve kept my favourite serum but cut out all the other expensive beauty products and just use a budget moisturiser and no more extortionate neck creams! I simply don’t need all that stuff now I have the Laser. It was worth every penny.”

LYMA laser neck before after

“Now I’m the one with the incredible skin results too!”

Jo’s trust in the skin rejuvenating benefits of The LYMA Laser paid off and mere months later, she’s got her confidence back, “The LYMA Laser has made my skin smoother, silkier and my neck wrinkles have vastly decreased, I’m so pleased with it. There have been other added benefits too - my jawline is also sleeker and where my face often used to look puffy, that’s greatly improved. I’m three months in and I’ve already achieved brilliant results. Why would I ever stop using it?! It’s a no brainer, I’ve pushed my skin aging back at least a decade.”

So what’s next on the Jo agenda? “Next is the body! At my age it all seems to crop up at once - the white sun damage spots on my arms, blemishes on both my legs and some bizarre hormonal bruising on my lip that appeared a few years ago. My action plan is to address each section bit by bit and keep on snapping before and after pictures because that visible proof gives me the impetus to keep up the good work. Oh, and I’m also curious to see what the LYMA Laser does to fade my C-section scar from decades ago. Has anyone tried that one yet? Leave it to me, I will.

And for anti-aging action on the face, Jo was one of the first on the waitlist for the LYMA Skincare Serum and Cream. As well as keeping up with the Laser, she's going to be applying the LYMA Skincare on her neck so see what even more radical results she can achieve. "Not to mention the usual crow’s feet and lip wrinkles."

"After years of spending big on luxury creams that appear to do very little, I can't wait to see what properly proven skincare can do!"


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