Why the LYMA Supplement is So Different

Not all supplements are created the same but what makes LYMA so different?

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It’s a global industry worth circa 300 billion dollars and rising. 80% of the US population are long-term consumers and over 20 million in the UK take them daily. Supplements are indisputably big business and yet, even by the most avid of supplement devotees, supplements are often vastly misunderstood.

Why do we take supplements?

Perhaps we worry our diet isn’t as wholesome and nutritious as it could be, perhaps we live hectic lives that require fortification, or perhaps we take supplements just in case because getting sick isn’t a luxury we can afford right now (or ever). Whatever the impetus, supplements can be of vast benefit to supporting modern lifestyles, if only we knew for sure that they worked.

This is something Professor Paul Clayton, clinical pharmacologist and Director of Science for LYMA has dedicated decades of his life to. “For the last fifty years I have been studying the pharmacological effect of foods and food extracts, and how these can be used to reduce your chances of illness and to make you feel and function better.”

Who regulates health supplements?

Supplement regulation is sketchy at best. The entire industry is unregulated, leaving the majority of health supplements unproven and often intentionally obtuse. There are some low-level regulations set out that outline product safety and labelling standards but there is no formal process for either the UK or US, whereby a supplement is considered 'approved' or 'cleared' by an official governing body. Search for a list of FDA approved supplements, there are none. Supplements do not get FDA approval because they are not classed as treating or preventing disease. The FDA is very clear that it does not approve dietary supplements for any purpose.

Which health supplements really work?

When every supplement brand comes with the promise of great health, how do you make a smart selection? “If you are interested in improved functionality, then choose supplements like LYMA, which use genuinely validated extracts. These are extracts that have been intensively researched, and carefully sourced,” advises Professor Paul Clayton.

“When you take evidence based ingredients at the clinically proven dosage, there is no need to hope they work, they have already shown in independent tests that they do. “Look for products which contain trademarked compounds, where there is peer-reviewed literature behind them that proves their pre-clinical and clinical functionality. Go for transparency,”

With patented ingredients proven in over 200 clinical trials, all published in peer-reviewed medical journals, the LYMA Supplement is the most scientifically validated nutraceutical ever produced.

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What makes LYMA stand out in the market?

LYMA is a one of a kind, scientifically proven supplement setting the standard for this next generation of evidence-based nutrition of which Dr Clayton speaks. “LYMA isn't a supplement, at least not in the old-fashioned sense. The key aspect of LYMA is that it exclusively uses actives which have been validated. These aren't your standard run-of-the-mill vitamins and minerals - these are food or herbal extracts which have been shown in peer-reviewed studies to have a specific effect. For the first time you have a generation of products that have a substantial body of evidence behind them and do what they say they will. This is evidence-based nutrition.”

What does a peer-reviewed ingredient actually mean?

Peer-reviewed ingredients are shown in preclinical and clinical trials to work. These are patented compounds or extracts which are backed by considerable financial investment and characterise molecules in a way no one else has done before. This category of nutrition is moving the framework of the supplement debate wider, providing assurance of demonstrable effects over and above standard nutrition.

The patents in LYMA turning plants into proven nutrient powerhouses

The LYMA Supplement formula is completely unique. Ten patented, power ingredients that create the most effective health nutraceutical in existence. Bio-engineered extracts proven to improve mental clarity, calm anxiety and improve sleep quality, stable vitamin complexes that promote bone and cardiovascular health, complex prebiotics to bolster immune function and potent antioxidants that fortify skin and hair strength - the LYMA Supplement is the ultimate whole system supplement for anyone looking to optimise their life.

This meticulously balanced formulation has taken years to achieve and the LYMA formula is constantly assessed to ensure it remains the most powerful combination possible. The patented Vita-Algae D® in LYMA is derived from marine algae and dosed at 2000 i.u. At this higher potency, Vita-Algae D® is clinically proven to regulate mood and reduce the symptoms of depression. Sensoril® Ashwagandha 250mg in LYMA is the patented form of curcumin (turmeric root extract), offering a full spectrum of beneficial bioactives through its root and leaf synergy. It’s the most efficacious ashwagandha on the market, providing benefits to health even at lower doses. LYMA‘s Wellmune® Blend is the exact beta glucans arrangement that’s been proven to increase mental clarity, resist infection and reinforce the body’s immune response.

You know that LYMA is working

Sheer weight of science aside, you can see and feel that LYMA is improving your health. LYMA touches every element of your health and wellbeing from your sleep, to your immunity, your organ functions to your mental dexterity, your physical performance, even outwards to your skin strength and smoothness. Within two weeks of taking LYMA, you will start sleeping better and wake feeling more rested. Then follows an overall sense of calm and capability, mental function gets sharper and decision making gets easier. Physically, skin starts to look clearer, brighter and hair regains its strength and shine. As cardiovascular health is supported and the immune system fortified, energy levels steadily climb and within three months you feel like a new chapter of health has started. That chapter can start right now.



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