What is Natural Engineering? How LYMA Updates its Formula

Science changes, and so do we. This is how we engineer you to be 100% human.

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Your body is an ingenious system. It is a perfect piece of natural engineering, with multiple pathways, responses and potential. When your body is operating at its peak, when you look and feel incredible, you are able to function at your absolute best.

You might know that feeling after a really good night’s sleep, or returning from a nourishing and restful holiday. You may remember it from the last time when you were truly, over the moon happy, at peace with yourself and the world around you.

The LYMA Formula is designed so you can feel like this all the time. You can feel exceptional, and live an exceptional life. To feel 100% human. LYMA products are designed to be the tuning fuel that drives your already ingenious system.

LYMA gives you the tools to get there and stay there. Excellence is a journey, a constant negotiation of challenges and skills: there’s no such thing as sitting still in the pursuit of it. We know: we do not sit still either.

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Update 1: Vita-algae D3™

“Think of it like software,” says LYMA Medical Director and pharmacologist Paul Clayton, PhD. “Software which is continually updating when you run into new issues: users report problems, there are incompatibilities.” Clayton heads up LYMA’s global medical team, who follow all the developments in the fast moving world of longevity science. “There's a global patchwork of research institutes who are constantly looking at either the compounds that we already know, or developing new ones,” he says. When the team spot something promising, they wait for the clinical trials, then they wait for the trials to be peer reviewed. Then they make their move.

In the original LYMA formula, the Vitamin D3 ingredient was a patented extract derived from lanolin, from the wool of sheep. “Lanolin doesn't necessitate killing the sheep, but very often those sheep are killed after,” Dr Clayton explains. “We know people are concerned about issues relating to intensive farming.” When a more sustainable and highly effective Vitamin D3 extract came into view, derived from lichen, the LYMA team switched up. Up to this point only Vitamin D2 had been available as a plant extract – D2 is not as helpful to the body. But Vita-algae D3™ changed all that.

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Update 2: affron®

Then in 2019, the formula upgraded again. This time it was to add affron®, a newly proven ingredient that finally made all of saffron’s best qualities available in efficacious form. For centuries, saffron has been used recommended for its powerful anti-oxidant and mood boosting properties. Half a millennium ago in the Islamic Golden Age, the medical textbooks of Avicenna noted its benefits. “Avicenna was a polymath: an engineer, astronomer, physician and philosopher. His works had so much good stuff in them they remained used by medical universities for five or six centuries,” explains Dr Clayton. Long after Avicenna recommended saffron as a salve for anxiety, Iranian scientists brought in researchers from France and Spain to look at how “stress compounds in saffron unravel the stress in humans,” explains Dr Clayton, who was also involved in supervising the clinical trials.

From here they created affron®, an ultimately bioavailable and patented saffron extract that clinical trials proved was effective in all the things Avicenna was promising in the eleventh century.

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Update 3: Levagen®+

In 2022 LYMA updated the Formula again, adding Levagen®+, a patented type of PEA protein. PEA is sometimes known as the ‘bliss’ molecule for its ability to soothe and improve. Directly tackling cell inflammation, it is proven to create a sense of well-being and calm, and aid in the body’s recovery. Our body naturally produces PEA to make sure we can pick ourselves up after a bump or scrape, it’s particularly prevalent in children.

“If we weren't capable of making this, if I were to bang my head on the table, I would be incapacitated by pain,” explains Dr Clayton. “We're constantly down modulating, we're buffered six ways from Sunday. And PEA is one of those internal buffering compounds: it makes life tolerable; it makes life possible.” Taking Levagen®+ gets you a little closer to being able to throw yourself around like you did in your youth.

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This Is Natural Engineering

As the science increasingly shows, the inevitabilities of age are not what we think they are. LYMA is in the business of developing “countermeasures” as Dr Clayton terms it, antidotes for the way modern life impacts us. This is Natural Engineering.

“There are some areas where we can be quite linear in our thinking. But in health and nutrition there are so many variables,” he explains. “There are so many paths through that forest. And each path that you choose may be equally valid, but it will provide different vistas.” That’s why LYMA continues to tread new paths, to find new vistas, optimising our products to optimise you in turn.

For you, the progress you make is your path to exceptional. To make your move, gain your advantage to look and feel your absolute best. We’re here to give you the tools to engineer yourself, and become the best that you can be.

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