How LYMA and HRT Gave Me My Life Back

How Ivana overcame her menopause issues by combining natural supplements and HRT.

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10.06.21 (Updated 21.11.23)

For decades, Ivana Giachino was at the top of her game and well-established in the fast-paced world of fashion. When her mental focus started to slip and the menopause brain fog threatened her career, it fell to LYMA to get her back on track. Now she’s fully balanced and flying high once more with a combination of natural supplements and HRT.

The shift for me was turning 43

A minute into speaking to Ivana, you clock just how sharp and switched on she is. That quality has got her far professionally; running her own brand strategy corporation and before that, managing director of a global corporation for 14 years. "I'm a details person and I remember everything, so when menopause took hold and that was all taken away from me so suddenly, it was beyond frustrating. There's a lot of focused thinking involved in my work and the unexpected indecision and brain fog in important client meetings would drive me insane."

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I first read about LYMA in a magazine article about solving menopause symptoms

"I remember there was an article in Harper’s Bazaar about menopause discussing the three things that genuinely worked and one of them was LYMA. Then LYMA popped up again in Tatler as the gold standard of supplements. I kept seeing LYMA from places I trusted and although I was still somewhat sceptical, I knew I had to try it to find out. I've been always looking for something that makes me feel great not only from a physical point of view but also a mental one, so when I went onto the LYMA website and saw that a lot of people who use it have very demanding jobs and were all now able to perform better than ever, I was sold."

After four weeks, the positive effects kicked in

Like many people who start their LYMA journey, the first noticeable benefit was sleep. "Another menopausal symptom was that I suffered from very broken sleep and never felt rested. I also had bad night sweats and discomfort but almost immediately, that was gone. Next it was a strong sense of vitality – I became so full of energy! Also, my appetite; because I wasn’t so tired and run down, I wasn't craving the sweet stuff anymore. Mostly, LYMA levelled the rollercoaster of emotional dips and I could feel a huge difference in terms of my hormonal balance. I’m getting into my sixth week now and it's already made such a profound difference in my life – my energy, my brain focus, my positivity, my hormones, even my joints."

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LYMA and HRT are my 360 solution

Ivana was already on HRT to help her with the menopause mood swings and lack of focus that had become so unmanageable, she felt she couldn’t cope with life. "I went to see a doctor on Harley Street and he diagnosed me instantly. HRT balanced my hormones but it also gave me breakouts and terrible bloating so I stopped taking it, only then the misery returned, so I had to go back on. I started tweaking the doses of the HRT gel so I took a much lower dose than was prescribed to me and that worked well but negative side-effects were still there."

It was when she discovered that LYMA could work well alongside HRT that she decided to take both for an all-round solution. "LYMA has acted as a counter-balance to HRT and now I’m taking the two together at a bespoke level. It's not talked about enough that it's not always one solution or one formula, the truth is you have to keep trying until you find the mix that fits you best. I believe that now I’ve found the right combination for me and I'm so glad I’m managing to navigate this part of my life."

I don’t care how much it costs, I choose quality over price

It's a steady realisation but future-proofing ourselves requires investment. The evidence-based ingredients in LYMA have had years of scientific engineering to get them to an unrivalled standard. "I buy designer clothes because they last forever and I'm a huge advocate of ‘buy less and buy better’. I decided that rather than buying things I don't need or going out, I’d do this for my wellbeing. You can’t cut corners if you want results, it’s a waste of money and time if you don’t feel anything. Would you buy something that costs less and doesn't work or would you buy something that costs more and truly changes your life? For me it's a no-brainer."

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Next stop…everyone else

It's a common story; one person starts taking LYMA and their social circle witnesses first-hand the change in them, then word spreads fast. "My partner’s never taken a supplement before in his life but now he sees the difference in me, it’s my chance to get him to try it too. Likewise, my friends say they’ve seen LYMA and been wanting to give it a try but I think it’s the direct and honest feedback from a friend they’ve needed, so I’m telling them all the time, go do it!"

LYMA is easy to talk about

"I want to help other people to identify what's right and what's not right for them. If I can help you to make an informed decision and take the step of leaving those three million and one other supplements because you still feel rubbish, I will. Instead just take two LYMA in the morning and two in the evening and you will honestly feel better. Hand on heart, there simply isn't anything out there that comes close to LYMA."



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